Hypnos - the god of sleep in Greek mythology

Hypnos - Greek god of sleep.He - creatures of the night (Nyukty) and Darkness (Erebus), who reigned in the dark spaces of the underworld.He has a twin brother called Thanatos (Death) - a grim and pitiless god whose heart knows no pity.

By "Theogony" Hesiod Hypnos lived in a cave near where the river Lethe (Oblivion) ​​originates.Before entering the cave, where no light penetrates and does not hear any sound, growing herbs, possessing hypnotic effect.Every night, the god of sleep rises into the sky in a chariot of his mother Nyukty.

The myth tells us that the young man fell in love with Hypnos incomparable beauty named Endimon.He was fascinated by his eyes and to look at them always made sure that the young man's eyes during sleep remain open.According to another embodiment of the myth Selena, love Endimona, asks Zeus to preserve his youth and beauty.Zeus orders Hypnos put him in eternal sleep, to remain young forever.God gives sleep Endimona ability to sleep with my eyes open so that he could look at the goddess of the moon at night.In yet another myth Hypnos, plunging himself into a deep sleep Zeus, Hera helps, which at that time refers to Poseidon for help in the battle for Troy.Poseidon agrees, but on condition that he promise Gera favor Pasiphae, wife of Minos.

in art (painting, sculpture), the Greek god of sleep portrayed a young man, naked, sometimes with a small beard, and wings on the head or back.Sometimes he is shown as a man who sleeps on a bed of feathers, black curtained curtains.His characters - poppy flower horn with sleeping pills or poppy, the branch with which the water flows from the river Lethe, or inverted torch.Greek God of sleep has the power to immerse into a deep sleep all - gods, humans and animals.

Not knowing how to explain the nature of sleep, people of different cultures and religious beliefs create deities and spirits of sleep and dreams, has a special influence.

Tale "Ole Lukkoye" written by Hans Christian Andersen, was based on a folk story about a mysterious mythical creature Sandman, which gently lulls children, but depending on what they (the obedient or disobedient), brings them different dreams.

At Ole Lukkoye under each arm of the umbrella - one with colorful drawings on the inner part, the other - without figures.Bright umbrella over it reveals obedient children, and all night he dreams beautiful dreams, while naughty children may not see again even if the god of sleep in the face of Ole Lukkoye reveal a dark umbrella over them.

first information about the interpretation of dreams comes from Mesopotamia.The Sumerians created a book that is considered the first in the world of the dream book.It describes the symbols of dreams and gives them an explanation.Sumerian model influenced the cultural beliefs of the Egyptians, to write down their dreams on papyrus, they are - on the ancient Jews, eventually leading to the Greek tradition.

English word "hypnosis» («hypnosis») comes from the name "Hypnos", based on the idea that when a person is hypnotized, it is as if in a dream state ("Hypnos" - sleep and «-osis» - condition).Another term - "Insomnia» («insomnia») comes from the Latin word «somnus» (sleep) and «in» (non-).The ancient Romans referred to them as a god of sleep - Somnus.