What could be the cause of pain in the foot?

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Eyes - mirror of the soul and the human foot - a reflection of the state of his health.Many vascular diseases, arthritis and other ailments have initial impact was on the legs of a man.Causes of pain in the foot can be very diverse.An experienced doctor examined your shoes, can tell a lot about the state of health did not proceed to a detailed examination.

In the event of systematic pain that occur with decreasing intervals and increases the threshold of pain, it is best to consult a specialist.Diseases of the lower limbs can be caused not only injuries, but rather the serious problems of the whole organism.As we know, the human foot - this is the most perfect mechanism that every day brings huge load, but also self-care requires much.Therefore, if the feet are sore, treatment should be high-quality, professional and without delay.Believe me, it is good, if a doctor detects only the presence of cosmetic problems are easy to resolve, because they arise from the lack of time, the wrong food and other omissions.

Let's look at the most common causes of pain in the foot.The most common option - arthritis.In this case, the foot joints deformed and begin to break down due to viral, fungal or bacterial infection.Symptoms of the disease - severe pain that is not just slow down or impede the movement of the morning, but sometimes paralyzes completely.The locations of the joints and the skin appears red burning and swollen joints themselves.Arthritis may be different - medicine describes more than ten kinds, but the most dangerous is the rheumatoid, which causes severe pain, even in the early stages.No need to write off all the fatigue and take pain medication, consult a rheumatologist to determine the cause of pain in the foot.

Osteoarthritis - it is the form of the disease that may be hiding under this symptom.Symptoms are swelling, pain in the foot, redness of the skin.The reason could be many - flat, weight and, as a consequence, a large load on the leg, hypothermia, and other uncomfortable shoes.In the last stages of the disease manifests itself change the thumb, the advent of bone and difficulty in movement.To diagnose the cause of pain in the foot in the case of X-rays can help.

varicose veins - the most common disease in the female.Most often, this disease is caused by a congenital vascular disease, a permanent job in a standing position or, on the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle, as well as regular sport loads.The worst thing is not even the fact that it's pretty ugly and quite painful afterwards, but that illness causes thrombosis, which means it can be fatal.As preventive measures, doctors recommend to abandon the high-heeled shoes, every evening after work to carry out exercises for the legs and take cold baths or douches feet to improve circulation.

Flatfoot is both acquired and congenital.This disease changes the shape of the foot, which then affects the way a person walks, making it more difficult.

As you can see, the causes of pain in the foot can be very diverse, so do not all ride, and it is better to choose the time and go to the doctor!Be healthy!