Hunting carbines "Bear": description and reviews

During the Soviet era carbines "Bear" were rare, so it was considered a great success to become the owner of this model.Weapons intended for shooting large animals - precisely because of the efficiency in the campaigns for bear lovers especially appreciate his hunting.Today representatives of the series are fairly common in Russia and, as a rule, with the purchase of no problems.

Technical parameters

largely due to the performance of the developers "Izhmash" reached optimal performance efficiency, which has self-loading rifle "Bear" in almost all versions.The basic specifications are as follows:

  • trunk with four rifling has a length of 55 cm;
  • carbine length - 111 cm;
  • minimum weight without optical sight and bracket is 3.3 kg;
  • capacity to store three rounds (or staggered row arrangement), neotemnoy different design;
  • four-sight optical or outdoor - installation is made using a special bracket.

Depending on the version, these data may vary, but the standard carbine "Bear" has just such characteristics.Now you can see more weapon modification.

Modification JUICE 9

version has 9 mm caliber and ammunition intended for hunting such as the parameters 9x53 mm - used myagkonosnaya bullet weighing 15 grams.The factory "Izhmash" has launched production of this version in 1965

Barrel length corresponds to the standard model - 55 cm. Most of the elements have anti-corrosion treatment, and the gate, the chamber, the bore, the piston to the frame and provided with gas tube chrome plated.

Auto-recharge is a key feature that sets hunting carbine "Bear" from the total number of models of this type.It is produced through powder gases are discharged from the barrel in a special chamber.In the process of expansion of the gas is formed by the pressure exerted thereby on the piston.The latter, in turn, discards the frame, resulting in causing a compression spring.Thus, the frame with the bolt back with a new cartridge in the front position.

Shutter system includes special springs (combat version) and a rotating karabinovy ​​trigger.At the moment of impact on the descender trigger has a drummer, which leads to activation of the igniter.The process is carried out by injection of the spring return valve to basic position.

Version "Bear 2"

This modification is generally repeats the characteristics of the first versions - a shotgun for hunting bear with a 9-mm caliber chambered with the same parameters 9x53 mm and 15-gram bullet.Moreover, its production has been launched about the same years.From the predecessor system "Bear 2" differs detachable magazine for 3 rounds.In the development of the carbine was the first in a series of system location used cartridges in order sacking.This is one of the important parameters that differ from the first generation of more modern weapons.Package includes three stores, as well as optical sights.By the way, the set is not limited to four times the optics - and six available options.

Modification "Bear 3"

This specification has the caliber to the frame size of 7.62 mm, and provides for the use of cartridges 7,62x51 (suitable mainly domestic items) with a bullet to 9.7 grams.Short-run production of this version began in 1976 with the launch of modification followed by serious differences with the standard version, because the carbine "Medved" 9 mm allows for other patrons on a standard size.

model added a little weight (3.4 kg) and has acquired the store detachable cartridge type 4 (row arrangement).Developers also suggest the introduction of flash suppressor on request - it acts as a substitute for the muzzle brake.For other parameters, the system remained the same carabiner, safety and the latest developments - for example, the use of six-time run.

Version "Bear 4"

Last modification of the family, which took over virtually all the innovations for the carbine "Medved 3".Nevertheless, a number of parameters have been adjusted.Four-cartridge magazine, which provides for the alignment of chess, perhaps, was the main difference between model "Bear 4".Carbine in this form was certified in 2001 and is currently a very common tool in the hands of hunters.

Features "Bears»

Carabiner has many features which should be considered as an advantage.In particular, a simple device ensures the safety and reliability of the weapon, and low weight makes it comfortable to use.Also in the eyes of the hunters valued accuracy, which is funded with a hunting carbine "Bear", and appearance.It has a model and a number of other advantages, including:

  • Lowering the recoil effect.To do this, the developers of "Izhmash" supplied with the butt of the butt pad softening gum base.
  • Minimizing the risk of inadvertent shot - action fuse, which is equipped with a shotgun, "Bear", calculated directly on the sear.
  • To facilitate the cleaning of the shutter-release system is separated into a special box.
  • There are several divisions for precise shooting with a maximum distance of 300 meters.
  • hunters have the opportunity to enjoy the open sight even if not removed optics - it allows a special bracket.
  • plate for the trunk and the stock represented by high-strength wood.

nuances of compatibility with cartridges

The latest versions of the rifle is not used 7,62 mm rifle cartridges, hunting items 7,62x53, imported models 7,62x51, as well as products of foreign rulers Winchester 308. Their parameterselementary data do not coincide with caliber.

Foreign Series Win, which applies to size 7,62x51, also does not meet the requirements.Propellant gas pressure in the barrel, designed for such cartridges involves about 3,700 kgf / cm2, while Russian carbine "bear" combined with the cartridges of the same size to ensure that the average pressure to 3300 kgf / cm2.

In addition, there are obstacles to the compatibility with heavy bullets foreign production.These include products FrankoniaJagd.Since 308 Winchester cartridge designed for use in the combined and gun shops, their use in carbine "Medved" may result in a delay in the automation.It is important to remember that the domestic model is semi-automatic, which causes limitations.

disassembly process

All carbines families have the same procedure for dismantling.Start at the department store, then you need to install the bolt in the rear position.Then removed the trunk box and return device is retrieved directly from the liner.In the box is removed the frame from which, in turn, removed the bolt.

At least extracted trigger system bear 4. Carabiner must be periodically inspected for serviceability of all the elements.In this context, it is subject to dismantling and venting device.

To remove the cleaning rod to be translated his head down - this can be done by turning the locking flag in the opposite direction.On the gas pipe has a special latch - it is necessary to press and remove the element completely.Ring forearm moves forward, then the carbine "Medved" disconnect allows for lining the trunk.Sliding the plunger all the way up to the maximum, you must remove it from the end of the piston recess.Then he removed with the spring.From the gas pipe is removed piston.After clicking on the proper latch and turns the tube itself.By simple manipulation lozhevyh screw easily separated and butt.


Opinion direct users of the carbine, despite the individual nature of the application in each case, agree on common points.The positive evaluation referred to reliability and stability, which has a shotgun, "Bear."Reviews note and stopping power, which, however, affects the quality of meat.Nevertheless, even at great distances and at an average flatness model gets and effectively "knocks" the beast.

Almost all of the claims relate to the ease of use of the rifle, and then only in certain aspects.For example, the observed weak fuse and neotemnaya design shop.On the other hand, many praised the "Bear" for a minimal impact, quality of materials and sophisticated trigger mechanism that promotes comfort during hunting.