Medicinal and magical properties of stone Citrine

Precious and semiprecious stones were very popular since ancient times.For centuries, people have used them not only as decorations, but also made them talismans and amulets.These here are interesting and useful minerals include citrine.Photos of rings, earrings, with its accents, as well as bracelets and necklaces will not leave indifferent any fashionista.This fine, lemon-colored semi-precious stone has long been confused with one of the varieties of topaz, but now it gained its independence and uniqueness.Properties stone citrine disclosed for each owner differently.

For a long time it was believed that this mineral is most suitable representatives of the elements of the Earth, but it is not.Properties stone citrine dual, they can awaken in man as the bad and good qualities.For this reason it is not recommended to wear a Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn, because people born under these signs can be obsessed with bad thoughts and aspirations.But Gemini and Aquarius citrine ideal.Women Twin mineral develops intuition, male twins helps to achieve success in financial affairs, and Aquarius is recommended to take it with them on long journeys.

Medicinal properties of citrine stone used since ancient times healers.Mineral improves eyesight, gives physical strength, cures intestinal disorders, a beneficial effect on the muscles of the legs and arms.Ring with citrine bring sound sleep and chase away the nightmares of children will eliminate the burr.This is a positive stone, bathed in natural light and warmth, so under his power to expel evil thoughts, strengthen kinship and friendly relations.Sensitive and thin-skinned people is ideal citrine.

Photos of this stone is not so easy to see, and buy natural mineral even more difficult.Mainly sold today smoky quartz and amethysts, specially treated.To distinguish real from fake mineral can closely at color: lzhetsitrinov she had thick, and has a natural stone amber honey or golden color.Besides fake will not change hue depending on the angle of light.

magical properties of citrine stone known in many countries, without it can not do any ritual shamans and sorcerers.It is a powerful amulet for people who earn their own hands, as he protects trade, and a successful business it is recommended to put a pebble in a safe.In Rome, citrine were philosophers and orators, but in some other states stone associated with fraud and deceit.

magical properties of stone Citrine able to save from danger, to bring good luck in business.Mineral great people public professions, serving the people.It is best to wear a pendant with inset citrine.The stone protects both physical and mental health of its owner, protects people from evil and negative thoughts.This golden stone fills the human good and happiness, and his warm shades of warm and uplifting.