Juniper horizontal - a favorite of landscapers

such a large species diversity, like juniper, none of coniferous not.It is an extremely versatile plant.Among its varieties can be found little dwarfs, pressed to the ground, and tall trees, which lie fluffy branches.The color of pine needles can also vary dramatically - from the usual green to extraordinary gray, blue or yellow.Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the plant is widely used in the design of parks and gardens.Especially popular horizontal juniper.

garden ornaments

Currently, Russia is grown about 30 species of this remarkable plant.You can purchase 150 decorative forms of various types of juniper.So the choice is great, but to come to a particular plant the garden, you need to know how it will look when it is grown, what shape will acquire with age.Even in juniper needles sometimes it not needles and changes color according to the seasons.

visitor from distant America

In nature, horizontal juniper found in eastern North America, grows mainly in the territory of countries such as Canada and the United States.Preferring to settle on the hillsides and sandy banks of rivers and lakes.There are also in the mountains.

It is a creeping shrub that is pressed against the ground.Its height is rarely more than 1 meter.The branches are long, densely covered with tetrahedral shoots bluish-green color.Green needles turn brown with the onset of cold weather.Small bumps are bluish-black with a blue bloom.

favorite of gardeners and landscape designers

cultivate the plant in 1840.Spread throughout the world juniper horizontal got through the botanical gardens.Nowadays its popularity among amateur gardeners gradually increasing, especially in Russia.Bright decorative juniper and unpretentiousness made welcome in our gardens and parks.The best-known varieties are:

  • Adpressa.
  • Andorra Compact.
  • Wilton.
  • glaucoma.

All varieties are ideal for planting small slopes, use the rock garden, in various compositions and alone.

Juniper Andorra CD

This variety is a dwarf shrub, creeping along the ground.Has a dense crown pincushion, reaches a height of 40 cm and a diameter of more than 1 meter.Branches from the center of the plants grow up diagonally.The needles are light green in color, scaly, small, winter assumes a purple tint.It grows very slowly.She loves light and sandy soil.Quite resistant to frost.Used on the stony hills both in single and in group plantings.

Juniper horizontal Wilton

Shrub having kovroobraznuyu shape, its height of only 10 centimeters.Crohn plotnovetvistaya, grows very slowly.Small awl-shaped needles are silvery-blue color.A small growth and have made this a wonderful color horizontal juniper Russian real favorite of gardeners.Experts recommend using it for landscaping roofs, rocky gardens, planting in large groups.