How delicious baked chicken in the oven with rice stuffing?

How delicious baked chicken in the oven for the holiday table?Replying to a question, can be seen below.It should be noted that such a meat dish is perfect for those homemakers who appreciate a gala dinner in not only its taste and aroma, but also a beautiful appearance.Let us consider in more detail how to create a culinary masterpiece.

How delicious baked chicken in the oven: a step by step recipe

Necessary components:

  • long grain rice - 1 cup full;
  • odorless vegetable oil - 3-5 large spoons;
  • carrot of medium size - 2 pcs .;
  • homemade chicken fresh or frozen - 1 large bird (whole, undamaged);
  • sweet onions White Onions - 3 pcs .;
  • iodized salt, red pimento, aromatic spices - add to taste;
  • Honey - 2 large spoons;
  • adjika - 1 dessert spoon;
  • garlic - several smaller cloves.

Processing carcass and its marinating

So how delicious baked chicken in the oven.First, it should be well washed with hot water (inside and outside), and then clear the hairs on the skin and cut the unnecessary elements (neck, the tips of the wings and tail).Further, the carcass should be treated pickle.To do this you need to mix in a bowl adjika, shredded chives, salt is iodized, flower honey, sweet red pepper and any seasoning.Then get gruel is required to smear the entire whole carcass and leave it aside for a few hours (to well soaked).

Cooking stuffing for poultry

Home chicken, baked in the oven, you get much more generous and tasty, if you stuff the bird carcass of rice.To do this, you must go through the product presented good wash and boil until half cooked in lightly salted water.Next, you want to completely deprive the rump of the liquid and pour into a bowl.Also to be added to the rice browned vegetables.To prepare them, you need to clean the carrots and onions, grate them on large grater and chop with a knife, respectively, and then fry in a refined oil (sunflower).After that cereals and vegetables need to mix, pepper and a little salt.

Formation dishes

How delicious baked chicken in the oven for a holiday?To make this culinary venture, should take the marinated poultry carcass, place it on the board as much as possible to reveal the thighs and put inside all the stuffing of rice and sauté vegetables.Next, a hole is recommended to sew threads or pinch using toothpicks.After that, the chicken should be placed in a culinary sleeve, well tie and the top make a few punctures with a fork.

Heat treatment

Stuffed baked chicken in the oven prepares just 60 minutes.Once the meat is tender, and the bird is fully covered with an appetizing crust, it must be removed from the sleeve, cut into portions and serve with the rice side dish that was cooked in the bird.It also recommended that such a hearty present salad of raw vegetables dressed with sour cream or mayonnaise, fresh bread and wheat.