Reflections on the theme "What distinguishes the village from the village?"

village - is the administrative-territorial location.It combines rural population, based on customs, socio-cultural and economic ties, common territory, traditions and geographical conditions.Now there is a lot of controversy, what distinguishes the village from the village and how the attitude towards them is another term - a small village.Most experts agree that the rustic village has long been the most popular subject among the Slavs, in particular among the Russian population.It usually consisted of 5-10 yards.Some researchers have found the roots of origin of the name of the village from the words "rip" and "tear".This means preparing for arable land and land clearing of forest plantations.This fact is confirmed by the frequent use of the word "village" in the forest areas of the north where malodvornye villages were prevailing administrative unit.

Answering the question "what distinguishes the village from the village", there are several important nuances.Firstly, it is an increasing number of households - an average of about twenty-seven sites.And in the same area it could be several homes, which housed the owner's sons grew up with their families.In addition, there was a manor house and bazaar.Secondly, it is obligatory presence of the church.But this affection appeared a little later, with the gradual entry of the concept of an administrative unit.Sometimes mistakenly called the village a few villages that are located around a parish, but had some resources and not united in one location.Thirdly, an important role is played by the number of inhabitants.This figure is totally dependent on population growth and that it leads to a gradual expansion, and with it the transformation of the village in a small village, and then a full-fledged village.

From the foregoing it is easy to understand what distinguishes the village from the village.So leave a little bit to the side and tell you about their predecessor - settlement.This town is considered the more ancient type of settlement.The first of these began to appear near the walled cities and fortified lines.We lived there, primarily "service class" and their families.Experts say that this settlement was the forerunner of the modern village.Interestingly, the name of such settlements often choose from memories of the homeland (Chernigovka), on behalf of the founder (Karlivka), or already known name adds the word "New" or "Low".

In conclusion, I would like to express my hope that this article will provide the answers to the question of what distinguishes the village from the village and say a few words about these kinds of settlements.

Villages are:

  • time (sezonnoobitaemye) and permanent;
  • scattered and group.

first distributed in the Baltic countries and on two different continents: Australia and North America.Second, in most cases, are located throughout Europe, Russia and Asia.

in our country aware of such rural settlements as new settlements, the villages, farms, village, camps, villages, countryside and villages.