Battle of Alexander Nevsky

name of Alexander Nevsky is known today every schoolboy.This image today we associate with valor, military successes of the Slavs in the Middle Ages, the successful defense of territories and Russian Orthodoxy.

Brief biography of Alexander Nevsky

Alexander was the second son of Prince Vladimir of Kiev and Yaroslav, and the grandson of the famous Prince of Galicia and Novgorod Mstislav Udatnogo.At an early age, Alexander takes the prince vows - a symbolic consecration of a warrior, defender of the Orthodox faith.Almost all of the young prince his childhood spent in Novgorod.In the same city, and begins his reign as the governor's father, Grand Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich.Reaching the age of Alexander, when he was able to fully carry into battle squad coincided with turbulent times in the northwest of the Russian lands.This was the era of the Crusades, not only against the Saracens of the East, but also against Orthodox Christians.Knight's Catholic army in the second half of 1230-ies are not rushed north-western lands, robbing local people and seizing territory.

Battle of Alexander Nevsky with the Swedes

Like many princes of medieval Russia, Alexander significant part of his life in military campaigns.So, the confrontation in 1240 with the Swedes on the river Neva gave him the nickname itself, we all know very well today.This massacre was the result of years of conflict Novgorod and the Swedish state for control over territories Izhora and the Karelian Isthmus, and power over the tribes inhabiting these lands.Each of the parties sought to baptize pagans in their own way.On the glorious victory of Russian troops brings us news of Novgorod Chronicle.However, progress in the fight described very briefly.Whatever it was, this battle Alexander Nevsky stop the advance of the Swedes to the south and has enabled the princes to gather strength for the decisive battles with other opponents.Perhaps a more serious threat is the German crusaders of the Livonian and Teutonic Knights.

Battle of Alexander Nevsky at Lake Chud

This episode of military history is better known as the Battle of the Ice.Become formidable opponents clad in heavy armor knights of the Teutonic Order.A talented military leader built his army, so that he was able to surround the flanks during the battle opponents and force them to make room.The outcome of this battle is well known.Ice Peipsi could not bear the load of the retreating army of heavily armed soldiers, as a result many of them found their death in the cold water.Battle of Alexander Nevsky at Lake Chud possible to preserve the cultural image of Russia, not allowing to impose on local populations, like the Poles, Czechs and Croats, Western cultural paradigms.Especially important is the deed of the Grand Duke in the light of the fact that in this period Russia had been severely weakened by the Mongol invasion.A significant part of the biography of the commander of the current historians draw valuable document of the thirteenth century, called "The Life of St. Alexander Nevsky."This document is written, obviously, one of the monks of the monastery in Vladimir, where they were buried relics of canonized prince.