Where conducted experiments on people

Nazi Germany sought to create a superman to do in the concentration camps were conducted experiments on people.Tens of thousands of people were brutally tortured for this purpose.Experiments were carried out on human beings, and to explore the effects of different bacteria.Every concentration camp had its "specialization."Mankind has no right to forget names like Buchenwald and Auschwitz.Experiments on people who were held there, are striking in their cruelty.

Nazis were absolutely not ready to wage war in the Russian winter.To study the effects of a long stay in the cold or in the icy water of prisoners was lowered into the tank and driven to the frost.As a result of these tests on the life jackets Luftwaffe pilots appeared "collar", which prevents overcooling of the cerebellum.

Germany held large stocks of the virus of typhus, and later planned to use biological weapons.In order to protect the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, the vaccine was developed.One of the first was a group of Gypsies infected 26

people.In a short time of them died from the disease six.Such a high mortality was not a reliable indicator of serum, and experiments on human beings continued.In 1944, eighty-Roma from camps Natzweiler were infected, six of them ill, but even they were not provided to any medical treatment.In the same year, all study participants had died either from disease or at the hands of guard camps.

Nazi experiments on human beings affect its scope.The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnational superiority suggests the other nations of biological material, the Germans did not reckon with the victims.Tests were carried out on blood transfusion different Rh factors, attempts were made to create a Siamese twins.The experiments were performed on human beings in a variety of climatic and physical conditions.

The Germans were all over the clear classification.For example, Russian prisoners of Buchenwald were used to test various incendiary.On Gypsies tested serum, vaccines and new drugs.

One of the most bloody executioners was Dr. Mengele.His "specialization" were twins.He personally supervised the selection process, "the most interesting specimens."From a thousand pairs of twins survived no more than two hundred."Biological material" hounded by various chemicals in an attempt to influence the color of the eyes.One of the twins could poison with poison, studying the reactions of others.Mengele did not wait for the arrival in Auschwitz of the Soviet troops and fled to Latin America, where he was able to hide from justice.

result of inhuman experiments in Nazi Germany began, hundreds of thousands maimed and shattered destinies.Concentration camps were death factories, where people believed animals, unworthy of life.Many facts of experiments on human beings continue to be opened until now.Perhaps in this way the Nazis were trying to improve their lives, but you can not build your happiness on the mountain and tears of others.