As the home to remove lashes, so as not to injure forever

among the beautiful half of humanity increasingly popular way to gain a natural beauty, like eyelash.These lashes are of different lengths, they are selected according to the length of their own to look was more expressive, but it did not lose naturalness.Depending on the desired result can be chosen and the number attached eyelashes.

lashes reviews cause both positive and negative.On the positive side, of course, include the impressive view, no need for additional tinting and applying make-up, the possibility of such eyelashes swim in the pool, located in the sauna, without fear that smeared mascara.Negative feedback is only caution with which to deal with these lashes.For example, you can not sleep on my stomach, jump into the water from the tower, put out at full speed out of the car.It should use creams carefully, trying not to fall on eyelashes - all this may lead to peeling.

There are situations when it is necessary to know how to remove the lashes home.The most important thing - you can not

simply tear off, because they can be glued to their own and break away with them.This is a very painful and ugly, because of its location on the eyelashes remain empty places that no fill until grow new.

There are three simple options on how to remove the lashes home.

first - available in professional salons means for removal of eyelash extensions.Specific instructions on how to remove the lashes at home with the help of special equipment is not required.All the steps of this process are described in its package.You should carefully read the instructions.

second method of how to remove the lashes home - used to remove any organic oil, since it erodes the glue, which they are attached.Ideally, of course, almond oil, as it is useful for your own eyelashes and nourishes the skin around the eyes.But if his hand was not there, it will suit any other, even the sunflower.Oil lubricate the wheels or cotton swabs to apply them to the eyes, preferably at night (can be a mask for sleep).The next morning, the glue will dissolve and eyelashes can be safely removed without effort.

third method is essentially the same as the second, except that instead of butter fat cream is used.The fatter cream so quickly dissolved glue.

Talking about how to remove the lashes at home, it should be noted that in some cases the adhesive can be so strong that all three options described above, will not function.There are special professional adhesives increased resistance, which can only be dissolved fluid specially developed to remove them.To do this it will be necessary to apply to the beauty salon, and not in any, and in the one where the eyelashes built up because of different salons may use different materials that are not suitable for removal of the others.In any case where the eyelashes grow in the cabin, it is necessary to ask the wizard to name the brand of glue.If you suddenly need to urgently remove the extended eyelashes, for example, in another city, this will narrow down the search.