MFP Canon Pixma MG2440: reviews, prices

company Canon - among the world leaders in the segment of inkjet printers and multifunction devices, including the appropriate printing unit.In Russia, has acquired notable popularity MFP model Canon Pixma MG2440 (in particular in one of the most common modifications - 8328b007).What are the specifics of this device?


specifications - the first aspect, with which we can begin to study the multifunction Canon Pixma MG2440.Reviews of him, because of its popularity, there are a large number of thematic online portals.

The device belongs to a class MFP, ie combines the functions of a printer, scanner and copier.The paper size for which the device is intended, - A4.In the corresponding paper tray can hold up to 60 sheets.The device uses inkjet technology to print using the color cartridges.Maximum print resolution, which provides device - 4800 by 600 pixels.Speed ​​of processing sheets in monochrome - 8 pages per minute in color - 4. Supports printing function without the use of fields.It is

compatible with photo paper.Type of connection to the computer - USB.The width of the device - 42.6 cm, depth - 30.6 cm Height - 14.6 cm.


Among the notable technologies implemented in the printer Canon Pixma MG2440 (reviews of many users and experts characterize the corresponding feature very positively), - FINE, which allows the device to print photos and color images in the highest quality.More specifically, this technology is implemented particularly in the printhead MFP.

In combination with high-resolution of the module - to 4800 points, the concept of FINE, as noted by many experts, actually involves the creation of a printer of high quality pictures.It may be noted that for the MFP released a separate series of cartridges - XL FINE, characterized, above all, efficient.So, according to some, they are more effective standard printing components by approximately 30%.


Among the useful resources that are available to the user, who buys considered MFP from Canon, - specialized programs, reaching the supplied device.Thus, many customer reviews Canon Pixma MG2440 contain a positive evaluation of the program My Image Garden.This type of software has a wide range of opportunities to systematize and manage photos.The program also allows you to use the modules MFP scanning and access to various online resources.

Noteworthy feature Auto Clip, which performs the expansion of Easy-WebPring EX, is installed on the browser Internet Explorer.With it, the user can find on the Internet the desired media files and print them.The program also allows you to merge the contents of multiple Web pages on one sheet with the subsequent printing or saved as a document in PDF.

owner considered MFP Canon's also available cloud service Creative Park Premium.It allows you to work with photos, create greeting cards or, for example, calendars.

Features scan engine

We now study some of the parameters that characterize the scanning module Canon Pixma MG2440.Reviews of many users show that he is engaged no less intense than the printing unit.Scanner type, installed in the appropriate module - tablet.The maximum resolution of the device in the corresponding function - 600 by 1200 pixels.It provides a color depth of 40 bits.

Working in Xerox photocopying

function, in turn, implies the involvement of both of the above modules - the printing and scanning, which is equipped with a multifunction Canon Pixma MG2440.Reviews of digital technology enthusiasts who used handheld device, of course, also include the opinions of buyers about the work device in the copier mode.

Features of the module is such that it is difficult to compare with a photocopier, if only because of the fact that the printing technology in this case - the jet, and the scanner of the MFP default is not adapted for easy photocopying.Therefore, indicators that reflect the performance devaysa when operating as a copier, very modest.The unit handles about 1-2 pages per minute.However, as evidenced by some of the reviews of the Canon Pixma MG2440, copier function is very much needed at a particular time, and even these figures are acceptable.However, as noted by users MFP copy quality - excellent.

now examine in more detail how customers evaluate printer Canon Pixma MG 2440. Guest users can be divided into several categories:

- reflecting the view functionality devaysa;

- assess the quality of printing, scanning and photocopying;

- reflect the current views of the economy devaysa;

- evaluating the usability of the device.

We study the specifics of those reviews more.

Reviews: functional device

Regarding this aspect of the MFP users report that the device is optimal for both home and office.Multifunction device Canon Pixma MG 2440 to the best overall, not too noisy, combines key functions: printing, scanning, and also work in the copier mode.Among the useful features, celebrated by users - automatic switching on and off.The first allows you to quickly engage the necessary modules in the keynote address to the printer or the computer when the owner is going to take advantage of the hardware control MFP.In turn, if the device is not used, the auto off function deactivates it, thus contributing to saving electricity and reducing wear and tear.

Some users, however, point out that they have issues with the manufacturer of completeness device.The fact that they had to buy a cable with a computer which is connected to the MFP Canon Pixma MG2440 8328b007 - USB Cable.But any difficulties in order to quickly find the accessory on sale, users have recorded.

Reviews: print quality and other functions

device category, which in part one of the key functions belongs to Canon Pixma MG2440, - Inkjet photo printers.Free Devices of this type are characterized by a fairly narrow oriented solutions that introduced the brand manufacturer.The most important thing in this case - that the printer provides a printout of photos and photocopying them and, if necessary, and other color images.

Therefore, to compare the printer Canon Pixma MG2440, reviews of which in terms of the corresponding function is also often found in the online industry portals, such as a laser printer or MFP to print parts of texts correctly.It may be that the device will be able to provide comparable quality printing of pages or even higher, but it is unlikely that it is comparable with the laser platform in terms of speed of processing sheets and profitability.

Members, judging by the reviews, understand it and try to approach the evaluation of the quality of the device objectively.As part of the basic function, which is adapted to the MFP - print, scan and photocopy pictures - lovers of digital technology assessment is quite positive.Printer prints high quality images in a good color, it works fine with common types of photo paper.

Reviews: economy

We have noted that there are economical cartridges devayse type XL FINE, can provide up to 30% more efficient in comparison with indicators of the standard components of the corresponding type, ink consumption.How to assess users MFP practical work these cartridges?Discussion MFP Canon Pixma MG2440 on industry portals is often accompanied by discussions to determine the real effectiveness of the relevant printing components.

main difficulty in determining the position closest to an objective assessment - that users can use the printer in a very different modes.Even if, in all cases we will go on working with photographs - of color, brightness and can vary significantly.As a result, one person will be able to print images in the MFP 10, and the other, for example, 15-17.First, of course, is less than a positive review."Oh, inkjet MFP Canon MG2440 showed a great result," - writes the second.Each of them will be in its own right.

But if you try to catch a trend in estimates of MFP user efficiency - assessment of the relevant characteristics of the printer generally positive.At least many fans of digital technology refer to the fact that at their disposal XL FINE cartridges served significantly longer than some of the older models.

Reviews: usability

most important characteristic of all, probably, consumer electronic device - usability.What do the owners of Canon Pixma MG2440 about comfort operation devaysa?The whole device is estimated to be very simple to use.It does not have any unusual for a man who has any significant experience in operating office equipment, management tools.Work with the MFI, as noted by users, it is very easy.


Our small survey of Canon Pixma MG2440 is useful to supplement information about the price of the device.The Russian catalogs of suppliers MFP costs about 1900 rubles.USB-cable, which, as we noted above, are not included devaysa will cost about another 100 rubles.People speak of the relationship between price and functionality of the device is quite positive.

So, we studied the prices and reviews of the Canon Pixma MG2440 and found that this device is characterized by adaptability, functionality and low price.According to many users, the device can be considered economical.This assessment is based on practical experience and due devaysa operation, it is possible that in the present high-tech multifunction cartridges type XL FINE.Apart of the MFP, available to the user, who bought the device is a set of handy programs.For him, also available useful online services.