Content relationships

Content relationships is concretized form of expression of abstract entity realized law relating to the objective law.In each case there is a specific result.Thus, in one case, the content of legal relations can express abstract specification of standards based on the hypothesis in the form of the presence of particular circumstances, have legal significance.In the other - there is a clarification of the normative dispositions in the form of appropriate legal actions active, mutually character actors capable of interaction.In the third case, the content presented in the form of legal provisions specifying regulatory approval, which is expressed in the form of the relevant decision or act (eligible enforcement measures).

principle, the very definition of the considered interactions.Legal relations is a construction and category of doctrinal understanding and clarification of the process steps, the embodiment of the established rules, but not the category pravoustanovleny (law-making).In other words, this interaction is not the means and form of the original regulation and regulatory impact on the participants interactions.

Content is considered legal only legal, has a formal legal nature.Considered interaction endowed with the same volume and the same regulatory mechanism as the norm.The essence of the mechanism consist of structural components of special rules (sanctions disposition hypotheses), as well as their regulatory functions.

relationship and rule of law are the two forms of expression regulatory mechanism.The difference between them lies in the fact that in the first case we are talking about a dynamic, concrete realizable form of the regulatory process.The rule of law in this case is a static, abstract and overall shape.

relationship are a common form of regulatory and procedural specificity of expression and abstract sense of entitlement.Within these limits, and in accordance with the requirements must be carried out all the actions and relations between the parties (subjects) in the course of implementation of their obligations and opportunities.

Content civil legal judgments which the duties and rights that belong to certain participants formed interaction.Responsibilities and opportunities of subjects formed simultaneously.During the implementation of the rights of the content of the reporting relationship may vary.Such, for example, can occur in case of improper execution of one of the parties of their obligations under the agreement.

structure essence of this interaction can be complex or simple.Within the framework of a simple design from one side have subjective rights from the other - duties.The bulk of the relationship is characterized by a complex structure.This design requires a subjective and responsibilities, and subjective features simultaneously on both sides.

Content land relations enshrined norms relevant area of ​​law.Their capabilities and responsibilities is implemented by actors perform active operations (construction site, for example) or refraining from exercising one or the other acts contrary to the law.

content of these relationships depends on the composition of participants, type of interaction, the features of the object.Responsibilities and capabilities of the parties considered relations defined and enshrined in the relevant legislation.