Trussardi jeans: clothing for the young and trendy

fashion house Trussardi starts its history in 1911.It was at that time the owner of a small workshop, which produced leather gloves of the highest quality, named Dante Trussardi founded his factory in the city of Bergamo.In short order accessories for men and women, made of high quality of the treated skin became popular all over the world.Company Trussardi took its place in the global fashion market and has acquired a new status.For a long time the company has not changed its direction and not to expand production, but six decades later, the factory was headed by Mr. Dante's nephew named Nicole.The young man made a revolution in the company and turned Trussardi into one of the most famous fashion houses.

In the 70s Nikola began to produce clothes, shoes, bags under the same label.Soon, there were some additional lines Trussardi: Trussardi Jeans, Trussardi Sport and others.Today, the brand can boast that all over the world has more than 183 stores.The symbol of the label's image was greyhound, which reflects the dynamics of identity, respectability, confidence and a thin, noble image.

One of the most profitable lines - Trussardi Jeans - was released in 1988.Sport and Tru Trussardi lines were presented to the public later.Denim line expresses the whole philosophy of Trussardi and transmits handwriting-founder of the company, as recognized by connoisseurs of fashion.With what is associated brand Trussardi Jeans?First of all, with restraint, subtlety, combining with innovation and innovation.Here and crisp lines and a variety of items, colors, textures.

¬ęSimplicity and minimalism - is the basis of the brand" - says the designer.The style, which reflects the Line - casual.Products intended for comfortable leisure.Clothing made from high quality natural materials.In addition, among all the submitted line Trussardi Jeans is the most democratic and accessible to the ordinary buyer.

Trussardi Jeans Men - comfortable and fashionable clothing for men.In the men's collection offers stylish sweaters, T-shirts and jeans.Trussardi Jeans Women - beautiful and practical clothes for women who love the movement and comfort.

"What the success of the brand Trussardi?"- Ask skeptical connoisseurs of beauty and style.First of all, in the fact that its experts do not chase fashion trends existing in creating things in his own style.Truly Italian determination coupled with restraint and versatility gives the brand a special aesthetics.

Currently, the brand continues to grow.The company is managed Beatrice Trussardi (daughter of Nicholas), and is engaged in developing new models of designer Jeremy Scott.In parallel with the development of the brand of clothing Beatriz directs the Foundation named Nicolo Trussardi, support figures of contemporary art, is vice president of the project "the Milan city of design and fashion," is actively engaged in the creation of a new museum of contemporary art.The last of the outstanding conceptual lines - Tru Trussardi, which along with Trussardi Jeans is a functional clothing for pretty reasonable prices for young and active people.