Classic Costume - irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe of any woman

Recently, more and more women are working in the business sector.For these representatives of the beautiful half of humanity classic suit has long been an excellent option everyday wear.

Incredibly, for the first time began to wear such costumes in the 19th century, at a time when women worked in factories alongside men.Then a classic suit was considered one of the most convenient things to work.

Soon Marlene Dietrich proved to the world that in the classic suit a woman can look sexy, elegant and luxurious.It is in this article of clothing she appeared at the premiere of "The sign of the cross" with his own participation.

But brought into fashion classic female suit legendary Coco Chanel.That she gave along with what incomparable elegance and style with a jacket with a narrow silhouette and a narrow skirt length just below the knee.

Today costumes are an integral part of the wardrobe of any woman.But what to say, even the most famous Hollywood divas lately prefer frilly evening dresses is a cla

ssic women's suits.The most passionate fan of women's costumes include Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Renée Zellweger and Kristin Scott Thomas.

wardrobe of any self-respecting girl unthinkable now without a suit.However, when choosing a style and style in the first place should pay attention to the features of the figure.Girls with a tight body, perfect slacks and jackets with a narrowed waist.Fragile girl is better to opt for loose-fitting jackets, shortened narrowed pants or shorts.

should be approached carefully to the choice of color business suit.Universal in this regard is black, but do not be afraid to experiment!Any classic suit will look perfect in a dark blue color, highlights the advantages of any figure.This color is considered to be a royal: a few cold, aloof, but at the same time attractive and expensive.A good color for a suit is also considered gray.This color symbolizes the reliability and confidence.It is neutral, so well combined with other colors.

Do not be afraid and brown.Cozy and warm, it is ideal for exploring the customers of the various negotiations.Recommended combinations - brown, blue and brown and pink.It is these variations will help to emphasize the individuality and give the image of elegance.

We should not forget that the suit is a stable investment in the future.Therefore, his choice should be approached very seriously.Despite the variety of models and styles, the best, no doubt, it was and remains the classic female suit.It goes well with a variety of accessories, it looks great on almost any figure.Besides classic suit versatile: its parts are almost always perfect and easy to combine with skirts or jackets from other suits.

Female suit - this is the article of clothing, which should be available in any woman.