Pyjamas for men - an essential article of clothing

Pyjamas for men - quite intimate article of clothing and object of discussion ladies.What hides the young man, who prefers to sleep in pajamas?What style of household linen he chooses?Which is preferable textures: silk or cotton?There is something to talk about, is not it?

If you plunge into the history, we can find a lot of interesting facts about this item of clothing.Pyjamas for men came from the East in the modern 19th century.It was at that time the Europeans began to get involved in all the outlandish.Travelers brought from overseas countries in Europe hookahs, oriental sweets, carpets.Among the unusual gizmos eyes turned north and boxy things: shirts and pants, overalls.Europeans used the clothes that the people of Algeria and Istanbul are in everyday life, home, and later to sleep.Only a few decades and women, thanks to the great Coco Chanel, began to wear such a thing at night.

Pyjamas for men in our time is already familiar article of clothing.Among the variety of this type of clothes you can find sports, classic, luxury suites.Materials in the manufacture of men's underwear used different from cotton and linen to silk of the highest quality.Of course, only natural fabrics are selected as the synthetic fiber is not only inconvenient to use, but also harmful to health.

How to choose a men's pajamas

Choosing this element of the male wardrobe, you should pay attention to the lifestyle and character of your young man.Guys who love comfort and convenience in choosing everyday casual, luxurious silk shirt and boxers prefer.Business men in leadership positions, who often live aesthetic and beautiful, certainly choose for themselves pajamas classic cut burgundy or emerald colors with long sleeves.Given the fact that almost the entire year in central Russia quite cold, take care of the health of their loved one and purchase a set of cotton material with a heater.

Pyjamas for men may be not only comfortable, but also incredibly beautiful.If we return to the story of the East, it is worth remembering that this element of the wardrobe in the 19th century was a true work of art.Fabrics are hand-made in expensive silk materials can be seen unusually exquisite embroidery.Men's silk pajamas, so elegant and pleasant to the touch, shows the status and position of the gentleman in society.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the XXI century, Ms. Chanel fought hard for that such things a man's wardrobe, like jackets, shirts, pants and pajamas have become an integral part of women's clothing (and made his own), and to this day the productdesigned for sleeping, still belong to the strong half of humanity.

good mood, healthy and restful sleep - it all depends on the choice of kit.This article of clothing though, and is not required to wear, but it can make life more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.Of course, many men prefer to sleep in shorts and T-shirts, and some even completely without clothes.It's not bad.But what you should, nice lady, buy a kit for his handpicked dream?Men's pajamas, which you can buy anywhere, will delight the young man is not less than any other gift.