Blue dress for a romantic fashionista

Every day you start with, choose clothes for themselves.And hardly wonder what outfit to influence events in your life.No wonder people say: "Our clothes are met."But besides the external effects, the suit is able to influence on the internal state of the owner.

Color Therapy

Featured mental state is perfectly suited blue dress.Since this color psychologists recommended to restore calm and balance.Blue cools the blazing fire of emotions and affects the mind as cool dew on the skin.All shades of blue are considered the most calm tones.


dress Blue dress girl adds femininity and softness.If you want to create an image of a sweet and romantic person, then the best option you will not find.To strengthen the effect, in addition to the delicate flowers, you can use the execution model.Use flying and flowing fabrics.A style with accentuated waist and full skirt is best accentuate your femininity.

whom and where to put

This delightful outfit can be worn on almost every occasion.The discreet one-color dress without any extra accessories suitable for the office.A blue dress for prom or just a party may be on the floor with an open back.For this outfit is no limit.Even the wedding blue dress fit perfectly.Blonde or brunette, you - the right combination of the outfit with matching accessories will make you irresistible.Only holders of red curls should use it with caution.

Season 2013

Early summer offers a girl wearing a blue dress.Since the saturated color is most relevant for wonderful warm days in 2013.This season, the evening dress can be made of velvet, lace and flowing, airy fabrics.But his style can be quite different.For example, open arms in the summer season is quite timely.And it is not the first world designers offer in the summer to wear long dresses.This style of dress the most romantic and solemn.Mini can also be present in your wardrobe.But it's best not to wear too tight model.Slightly bulky short dresses will make you more slender and fragile.

most important day

has long beautiful bride do not limit themselves in white.Young beauty bored be the same in the most important day.Therefore, choose a color dress - is the actual way to make the wedding even more spectacular event.For the brave brides even black ceased to be banned in a wedding dress.But if you want a less eccentric way, something blue wedding dress - a great alternative.This peaceful and romantic color closest to white.It is very important to decorate the groom's suit accessories to match your dress.For example, use a tie or scarf.Thus you will achieve harmony in your wedding attire.Enhance effect you can, if you choose a blue color as the main tone of the entire celebration.Use it in the design of the room, and even a wedding bouquet in the decoration of the cake.