Romantic style of: lightness, femininity, elegance

Great fashion presented a considerable amount of clothing styles for women.But no matter how many they may be, only the romantic style allows women to be women, and not be their likeness.This is the direction that ennobles the image tenderness, lightness and mysteriousness.Let's see what is the romantic style of dress, and that is characteristic for him.

Even Coco Chanel once paid to him their attention.Remember, what beautiful dresses she creates much invested in their femininity without depriving each model of a raisin.Since we are talking about the dress, we immediately note the fact that they are the most-romantic.This outfit itself is decorated with a woman, but if it is designed in such a stylistic direction, you can completely forget about the sadness and boredom.Romantic style of good that does not weigh down the image, making it really easy you can even say the air.Dresses, sewn from silk, chiffon, batiste, knitted or linen advantageous to look at any figure, most importantly, be able to ch

oose the successful model.

Romance clothing can be a fairly modest, without much decoration, and really fashionable.In recent years, it is impossible to imagine without bows, foam, lace, ruffles, frills, a variety of fasteners.

If we talk about the color of the dress, it can be both monotonous and very bright.This style can not be imagined without a floral print, peas, interesting ornaments and even embroidery.But you should pay attention to the fact that preference should be given a soft, understated colors and colors.Dark shades are no exception, but they must be muted.Pink, blue, yellow, white, green - the palette is varied, so you can safely say that the romantic style of dress is not only boring, but still very interesting, with its highlight, strong seats and subtleties.

feminine style will emphasize not only the correct color is the same romantic dress or skirt and blouse, fashionable dress.Here it is necessary to pay attention and style.And prevailing in this stylistic direction is the X-shaped silhouette with exaggerated waist, cut the mysterious and well accentuated hips.Generally, the romantic style of dress is much emphasis on the waist and chest.And here we must be careful: choose a dress that can really stress the advantages of these areas of the body.

tastes of all women are different, but they all have in common is that laid down in the blood.No matter how they tried to eliminate from their wardrobe all the romantic outfits (an attempt to get rid of tenderness and go out more stringent), sooner or later, to them you still have to go back.For example, a wedding - not beautiful, feminine dress here can not do.Or a date with someone you love: Well, how do you get out of the house in jeans and a T-shirt.

Well, so that you finally understand how good and interesting romantic style clothes, photos will help you to look at it with different eyes.Stay women do not deprive yourself of the beauty that nature has given you.