Alcoholism in Russia: the main causes of

Alcoholism in Russia.Statistics show that it has become one of the major social problems of our country.So what is the reason for its development?In fact, the reasons are many, but we will describe the most basic.

alcoholism in Russia, first of all develops because a large number of drinkers.The negative phenomenon, whatever it may be, can not be resolved very quickly.It has always been and will be, no matter what restrictions were introduced.Moreover, prohibitions or restrictions on alcohol rise to a host of other negative phenomena.So, in our country the dry law led to the development of brewing, resulting in a large number of people affected by the use of poor-quality substitutes and spirits.Others changed their spirits for drugs and various pills.

also the lifestyle and traditions of the people have a tremendous impact on the fact that our country is growing alcoholism.In Russia, for centuries, there are many practices that serve as a pretext for drinking.People drink with or without him, be it joy or sorrow, celebration, any purchase, birth of a child, death of a loved one, payday etc.People drink before dinner - to raise the appetite during times of stress - to set the mood, after hard work - from fatigue, any meeting goes by without taking alcohol.


alcoholism in Russia a large number of children who drink.The reason is largely dysfunctional family situation.In families where parents refuse alcohol, children usually malopyuschy, but in families where both parents are constantly drinking, the child develop the same habits and the same way of life.We are constantly drinking there is a high risk of having a child with mental disabilities and mental instability.Although alcohol and is not inherited, but their children are prone to drinking.

second cause of children of alcoholics - the usual lack of attention of parents.They are always busy and do not find the time to ask about the lives of their children.They do not know anything about their social circle of leisure.They have a misconception that child education is primarily to ensure their healthy food and clothing.Any inadequate reactions charged to transitional periods and disputes and problems are solved with gifts and money.Adults do not realize that so they only aggravate the situation.

Also, there is an inverse reason - excessive protection of children.In adult life they occur situations that they can not solve on their own.They are looking for a solution at the bottom of the bottle and after a while can not stop.

Any alcoholism, whether it's alcoholism, adults or children, from psychological dependence after time goes into the physical.Lost appetite, reduced health, broken psyche.

eradicate alcoholism in Russia, as in principle and in any other country, is possible only under the condition that the people themselves want it.But we do not notice what is happening within us and around us, and we believe that to us is not true.