What is health

What is health?It is a condition of the body in which all of his organs and systems are functioning properly in normal conditions, and during mental and physical exertion.

What is mental health?It is a broad concept that includes the harmonious development of abilities in accordance with the age and ability of man to communicate with others, adapting it to the society.Any mental disorders require immediate treatment from specialists.

What physical health?It implies the normal functioning of all organs and the absence of any ill effects.The concepts of mental and physical health are closely related.Disturbances in one leads to a deterioration of another.

How to be healthy and happy?

To begin remember that the basic component of our body is water.We need it constantly.Doctors recommend daily use of at least 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight.In this case, we have in mind is clean water.Tea, coffee, juice and so on can not replace it.

addition of water, we need more and good food.Our body needs every day to get a certain set of materials: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and so on.All indigestible food should be eaten before dinner.In the second half of the day is better to leave something easy.For example, salads, lean meats, fruits.Try to eat less canned and smoked products.The quality of food is not only ours, but also public health.This is especially true cafeterias, restaurants, cafes and so on.If the dish, even in the best restaurant in town, it seems suspicious to you, it is best to discard it.

very important daily walks in the fresh air.If you are very busy and have no time for that, just on the way to or from work leave for a couple of stops early and walk on foot.This will not only cheer but mentally relax, see the beauty of the city, the surrounding nature.

Ensure a healthy sleep.It should last at least seven hours.The body needs a rest to function well.Ventilate the bedroom more often, buy a comfortable pillow.For a good night's sleep is needed darkness and silence.Well rested, you will look and feel great.

What is health, but positive emotions.They will certainly provide you a baby.Childhood - is the most beautiful time in the life of man.The children are always fun to chat, play.They can teach you to be sincere and cheerful.Kids are able to charge the energy that is essential for health.

Physical health is impossible without movement.Work out.Sign up for fitness, aerobics, swimming and so on.No wonder they say that the movement - is life.

Try to always smile and love yourself.Confident man walking through life with a smile on his face, always attracts attention and attracts good luck.All this can not but cheer up, so you'll feel much better.Dispose

without regret from anything that you do not need.Superfluous things litter housing and prevent you from breathing freely.