What if it takes you out of yourself?


candy buketny period usually follows lapping stage.This is when everything just everything he does, infuriates you to the core!He sits for hours in the bathroom, do not wash their dishes, too loud looks telefizor when you want to sleep ... And that his football, the men's magazines throughout the apartment and socks in the bathroom ...

In general, youI realized - everything had seemed neutral or even sweet, and now causes a burning desire to make a bloody showdown.But you are silent, and silent, and kopish kopish in itself this negative ... Is it worth it?

- often express

only quietly.Talk about your emotions, no charges, no words, no voice.Instead of "You're always ..." say, "I do not like it when ..." and use the impersonal proposal.So it is likely you will hear and will not be offended.

- Do not try to beat it

This applies mainly to work.You know, when he earns more, his raise, he is doing well, and you have, unfortunately, during this period all goes wrong.Try to just take off fo

cus and be glad for your loved one.

- Do not forget about personal space

He never will be perfect for you, and you will never be perfect for him.It is therefore important to have your own space, so to speak, "outside" of your relationship.Let this be a fitness club, book club or weekly meeting with her friends at a cocktail party - at your discretion.

- a healthy sex life - the key to a healthy relationship

Even if you are very angry at him, believe me, a great cunnilingus can work wonders with the feminine mood.Therefore, leaving the bedroom door all the insults, and when you get out of it, they miraculously somewhere evaporate!

- succeeding together

You should have as much of a positive shared experience.Travel, explore a new, playing sports, or any other hobby - and then you will always have something to talk about, not to mention the increase in both personal and your pair.

- learn to see the positive side of his

Sometimes it seems that it consists entirely of solid flaws, right?But one drawback is the opposite, positive, side of the coin.The main thing - to learn to see it.For example, his jealousy, and irritability - it is a passion in the bedroom, distraction - easily appeased, and the ability to quickly forget the insults, thick skin - ease of communication, etc.

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