How to cook a tasty and healthy pumpkin jam with dried apricots?

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pumpkin jam with dried apricots obtained not only tasty and sweet, but also beneficial to health.After all the submitted products good for the work of the digestive system, and contain a large number of trace elements and vitamins.

How to make pumpkin jam and dried apricots: a simple dessert recipe


  • lemon - ½ of the fruit;
  • fresh pumpkin peeled - 1 kg;
  • sand sugar - 300 g;
  • apricots with sour yellow - 300 g;
  • Ground cinnamon - to use at will.

vegetable processing

pumpkin jam with dried apricots should be done in the fall season.It is in this period of the year in the beds all the vegetables ripen.Thus, the need to take a small tykovku well to wash it in warm water, and then clear the hard rind and seeds.Next, you need to chop vegetables into cubes with sides of 0.5-1 cm.

processing dried

pumpkin jam with dried apricots obtained with a little sour, if such purchase dessert dried fruit yellow variety "Lemon."He needed to sort, remove rotted sections and then put into a metal bowl and scalded with boiling water.Such a procedure not only soften the product, and deprive him of all adhering dirt.

Once dried apricots will be washed, it is necessary to chop into small cubes and pour to a previously treated pumpkin.

Preparing ingredients for further

Boiled Pumpkin with dried apricots and so are sweet foods, so to prepare the dessert should be submitted at least use sugar.It is necessary to pour the ingredients, followed by adding ground cinnamon (if desired) and freshly squeezed lemon juice of half a fruit (apricots purchased if not acidic).Then all the ingredients should be mixed and large spoon aside for 20 minutes.This small amount of time will be enough to give your juice products, and they can be easy to cook on a gas stove.

Heat treatment dessert

pumpkin jam with dried apricots must be prepared in stages.To do this, a lot of sweet fruits and dried fruits should be put on the fire, and then, stirring constantly, bring to a boil.Next you want to take a dessert with a gas stove, a newspaper cover and cool at room temperature.After 3-4 hours of the procedure must be repeated again.And so on until fully pumpkin is soft (3-4 times).

seaming jam

Once the dessert is ready, it should be expanded in sterilized jars (just hot), and immediately closed by seaming device.Next jars of jam to flip, tightly wrap an old blanket and leave for a day to complete cooling.In the following winter harvesting of sweet dried apricots and pumpkin can be put into the refrigerator or cellar.

How dessert

jam, vegetables and dried fruits can be eaten immediately after the heat treatment.It should be noted that this dessert should not only bring to the table along with hot tea, but the furnace of a lush and delicious pies.