The story of how there money

is impossible to imagine the modern world without money.They are an integral part of our life, and all so used to using them, do not even think about how there money.And this story is very interesting, and everyone should know it.

hard to imagine, but there were times when money did not exist.Each person provided himself, he grew food, built a house, sewed clothes.This was the period of the traditional economy, as between people in general did not have any sharing.Then people realized that it is much easier to deal with any one thing that turns out better than others, and share the fruits of their labor with the tribe.This period economists call the stage of division of labor as between men appeared barter or barter.Cows were exchanged for grain, hides in the wood, and salt to honey.But what if you have a big cow, and you only need a new spear?Do not divide the cow into several parts!Here people come to understand that you need to have some kind of a product that can be easily exchanged for all that is necessary.From this point begins the real story of how the money appear.

Each nation had its first money.In the Slavic tribes they were animal skins and salt sticks, the Indians of South America - the pearls, in New Zealand there were large round stones with holes in the middle, and in China - kauri mollusk shells.But these "money" has not always been comfortable in the exchange, they wear out, spoiled, broke or were too heavy to transport.Therefore, it was decided to replace them with metal bars, and later - coins.

story about how there money in the usual form of coins, Lydian kingdom begins in ancient China, and in the VII century BC.They are minted from an alloy of gold and silver, with a picture of the symbols of the state and the ruling monarch.However, they do not immediately received wide circulation, people were accustomed to change the skins of animals for tea and sugar.Only in the V century BC in Persia, King Darius, officially banned barter and ordered to pay all the coins.So minted money gradually began to gain popularity worldwide.

first paper money, appeared in China at the beginning of the X century AD.They replaced coins to facilitate the wallets of the rich who come dragging multikilogram bags of gold.Paper Money in China were not like modern banknotes.They were ten times more and more like huge letters, rather than money.

Of special note is the story of how there money in Russia.For a long time Russia did not have the money, and coins in circulation were from neighboring countries: Eastern dirhams, European denarius.And only at the end of X century Prince Vladimir started minting of the first pieces of silver, which was the image of the coat of arms of the prince and the kind of Rurik.However, not everyone used these coins, people prefer the hryvnia was a silver - Novgorod money in the form of long silver bullion.By the way the word "ruble" was precisely because of this national currency, which is cut into small pieces, to buy small items.

In short, it is impossible to say exactly where the money came.They gradually emerged around the world in every nation.Only one thing remains clear - the history of money, though complicated, but very interesting.