The truth about who sold Alaska

Today, there are many versions and misconceptions among some people about who sold Alaska.Before we deal with this issue, it is necessary to clarify what is represented and the land where it was.

Alaska - part of the territory of North America, opened Russian expedition in 1732 under the control of Gvozdev and Fedorov.Alaska rightfully primary discovery is the possession of the Russian Empire.Initially, development Alaska individuals occurred, and then a special company in the face of Russian-American government.The area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlaska at that time amounted to 586,411 square meters.miles.In this territory lived only about 2,500 of the Russian population and the 61,000 Eskimos and Indians.Revenues Alaska brought as a result of the fur trade.Some time later it became absolutely clear - the cost of maintenance and defense of the territory significantly exceed its revenue.In this regard, he raised the issue of the sale of Alaska.USA, who sold Alaska in the future, will inevitably spread throughout North America, Alaska and reception was only a matter of time.

sold Alaska to the United States a written contract, which was signed in the spring of 1867 in the city of Washington.The entire contract was signed on 2 languages: French and English.It is interesting that point that the Russian language in the agreement itself was not.The question of how much was sold to Alaska, has a clear answer for 7.2 million. Greenback.Therefore, for each square kilometer were paid 4 dollars 72 cents.Apart from across the United States is also assigned all kinds of real estate, the archives of all the colonies and historical documents.Further, the contract was given to Congress and then held March 3 ratification of the treaty.Due to this procedure There are no longer any doubt who sold Alaska - everything was signed and approved.

It should be noted that not all of the Senate of the United States spoke in favor of signing the contract - some have speculated that this purchase would be burdensome for the government, because the just ended civil war.There is also a list of some interesting facts that are taking place.For example, the final deal between the US and Russia has not been made because the ship, which was carrying money in Russia, drowned.Some journalistic publications claim that the land was not sold but leased to a period of 99 years.In Alaska, after the signing of the contract it was discovered gold deposit, which is several times the Americans paid for the purchase of the territory.In any case, issues Otomi, who sold Alaska, should no longer occur.Difficulties and many issues are part of the contract.Some Russian officials at the time strongly disapproved of such a sale, and to this day there are people.

This can argue for hours, but the fact remains - Alaska was sold to the United States in the 70-ies of the XIX century, and to ask for the return of land is currently at least unwise.Alaska is a territory rich deposits of valuable minerals, but at the same time, difficult to use and protection of the Russian Empire.