Why and who destroyed Carthage

each of us from the school known Latin phrase "Carthage must be destroyed!".Her oldest senator said, urging other nobles put the edge of the rivalry of the Eternal City and surprisingly beautiful villages in Africa.This phrase politician always ended his speeches and in the end, achieved desired.

why and who destroyed Carthage, it is clear that to make a small excursion into the past.In the world of that era, there were two great and powerful states which were complete opposites.In the Apennines the Romans had a well-developed agricultural sector, economy, legal system, army.In Carthage flourished as trade, everything is decided by money and status, and military power were mercenaries.If Rome has based its power on land, the African city has been a maritime nation.On Apeninnskom Peninsula worshiped a pantheon of gods, condescending, and on the other side of the Mediterranean bloodthirsty Moloch brought numerous casualties.These two superpowers, sooner or later had to face their foreheads, and that r

esulted in a number of the Punic Wars.

Before answering the question of who destroyed Carthage, it must be said that the rivalry between the two civilizations lasted more than a hundred years.No state was advantageous to destroy the enemy, as their territorial interests are not touched.Rome fought for the expansion of its borders at the expense of the weaker enemy, the Carthaginians also supplies its products to all corners of the empire and needed a flow of slaves.

Guild Carthage led actions against the Roman Empire, with mixed success.Such campaigns always ended in a truce.But all the agreements violated the first African side that could not like her the great Eternal City.Breach of contract for Rome was an insult, so again deployed war.In the end, the Senate decided to chose the one who destroyed Carthage to the ground.

When the legions came to the walls of Carthage, they were assured of a peaceful end to the war.The Romans also knew that a death sentence has already been passed.The Roman general who destroyed Carthage, was read to patiently and gradually all the requirements of the Senate.Citizens them dutifully performed in the hope that the glorification of the army will soon leave.Residents of the legendary African city were allowed to take with them their wealth and leave the house.After that, it was razed to the ground, a heavy plow plowed and sowed salt, cursing all those places.The main reason for these measures, the one who destroyed Carthage, called the lack of negotiability.After all, they are giving promises, obviously knew that would not do them.

By the way, the inhabitants of Carthage later realized it, but the longer the Roman legions did not believe them.The story captured the heroic siege of African pearls before its complete destruction.Impact of Scipio in 146 put a fat point in the history of this beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast and the great state.Although the Roman Rite, life has returned to this region some time later.Fertile soil, mild climate and favorable geographical position attracted new colonialists.But the former greatness of the city never reached.