How to make a wish in the New Year?

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That's the way people - it is peculiar to start a "new life" on Monday, the first day of the following month and, of course, with the New Year.And that is why it is so important for us to make a wish in the New Year's Eve.This momentum, energy boost, stimulus, finally, which will operate as many as 365 days.

tuning to a wave of wish-fulfillment, we want it so much that desire willy-nilly executed.Still, it's not just a desire to make come true, and in the most magical night of the year.So how to make a wish in the New Year's Eve, and how to do it right, we'll talk today.

Ashes champagne

most common way of making wishes - a chiming clock to write their wish on a piece of paper, burn it, the ashes mixed with champagne and drink until the clock "twelve beat."Many have tried, not all came to pass.And why?The fact is that, performing these manipulations, the person is busy not so much magical ritual as thoughts about what we need to have time - to write, to burn, to drink without choking.And all this before the last strike.This is fundamentally wrong.

To focus on the actions we must not, and in fact desired.Hands should act autonomously from the thoughts and images.We must be clear not only the desire but also the way it is sold.Make it difficult - all around the clink, something to each other wish, screaming, trying to push his arm.To avoid this, put in advance next to each plate a pencil, a piece of paper and a box of matches.Then the people unwittingly turn into a ritual, and you will not disturb anyone.

Another tip - choose for the ritual of specific, not abstract wishes, that is, you should not write: I want a lot of money, better write: I want to raise the salaries (want to win the lottery - do not forget to buy a lottery ticket, or:I want to invest successfully - after the holidays and start looking for decent options).

The same applies to the desires about his personal life - abstract formulation: I want to get married "works" extremely rare.If you have someone in mind, and then write: I want to marry (name).If such a person is not, it is better to write: I want to find a husband.What specifically is your desire, the more likely that it will be fulfilled.Therefore, pre-think over the wording of the desire then to burn it quickly, while focusing only on the visualization of wish-fulfillment.

Twelve desires

Another way to make a wish in the New Year's Eve - on pieces of paper to write 12 different desires, turn tubes, put them under the pillow, and in the morning to get one random piece of paper - what is written there, then it come to pass.Here, too, there are nuances - that is guaranteed to come true desire, it is necessary to go to sleep until 3:00, that is, until last night.Later, already begins the morning and turns into a guessing game.The second condition - do not sleep, clutching a pillow hands, then chances are it will turn no one wish, but several - unless you specifically "turn over" the pillow, and in the morning find that some papers were on the floor, then these desiresfulfilled on a par with that which will be written on you tube pulled out.

to write wishes for this ritual, too, has its own rules:

* Start writing desire after the New Year (paper can be cut in advance).
* Do it alone.
* guessing what should (could) be fulfilled within a year.
* Think about the details and consequences of desire.
* Anything you can specify - Narrow, write the names, dates, events.
* When writing every desire, imagine how it is sold.
* If you are already at midnight make a wish, do not repeat it in this ritual.

And more. Write what you actually need - it is not necessary to spray the magic of New Year's Eve on the type of desire: I want a ring with a diamond.It is better to ask about the health (and your loved ones, especially those who need it in the first place), material well-being, getting rid of something, love, etc.Of course, you can ask about some things, but then specify - whether you want to buy it yourself, or wish to have it presented to you, and, preferably, if you specify the name of the donor.

Naturally, you New Year's Eve will be something to do, therefore, not to spend on this ritual a lot of time, you can advance not only to cut the paper, but also to make on a piece of "the abstract desire" to New Year their rewrite, focusingon visualization rather than inventing desires.

Painted happiness

next way to make a wish in the New Year - to paint it.After midnight, take a sheet of watercolor, bright colors and brushes.It is not necessary to know how to paint, as long as you could imagine, and schematically depict what you want.

For example, you want to fall in love - just draw a heart pierced by an arrow, if you want the love was mutual, then draw a double heart with one arrow;or want in the coming year to solve the housing problem - draw a house.Want to find a couple (married) - portray male and female together, if you know the name of the desired male figures under the sign names - his and his, if you want it to marry, then dorisovyvat two intersecting rings;dream of a rich lover - paint two nude figures virtually merged into one, and next portray something tangible - a coin, a bill, a precious stone, a car, etc.Include imagination, any desire can be represented on paper, finding his way.

only avoid black.The brighter your image will be, the more joy will bring you fulfillment of a wish.

And then - nothing to burn, mix and drink is not necessary.Take a picture with the desire to scroll, tie a red ribbon, melt the wax and seal the roll so that the wax was on the tape and on paper.On another warm wax scribbled his initials.Then hang the scroll on the Christmas tree, but warned that nobody touched him.Let week hung on the Christmas tree.On Christmas Day (night), remove the roll, and store it in a secret place.After the wish will come true, print a scroll, circle pattern red paint and leave the store up to the moment when you will not have a new heart's desire.Then you can burn the scroll.

new guest

make a wish in the New Year can be on a new guest.If suddenly you (or the company where you will celebrate the New Year) will man you do not know, then you can make a wish that has fundamentally change, that is, the direction is not that something to get,and to change your way of life.For this

after midnight, take a moment and make a wish, take the person's hand.Just remember that a person must be set in relation to you very kindly, and in general his coming and his conduct should not foreshadow problems and troubles.

But if the man first behaved perfectly, you make a wish, and it is then for no apparent reason began to brawl, to behave inappropriately, beat the dishes or make trouble, then you should not strive to fulfill their desires, asbut trouble and needless hassle you get nothing, or at least we must try to protect themselves from unforeseen difficulties.Think about what can go wrong in your life, if that wish will come true, and act according to circumstances - refuse conceived or "having spread straw."

Similarly, you can make a wish on someone you know, if you did not expect to see him in the New Year's Eve, that is, if his visit was unplanned.

general ways to make a wish in the New Year there is a great variety.Surely you have your very own method.The main thing that you want from the soul, belonged to the ritual of making wishes seriously, and did not act "on the machine" only because it is so decided.

to your wishes for the New Year will certainly come true, you need to properly formulate them!

Try not to use in the formulations of the particle "no".For example, if what you most need at the moment - it's great, do not write / say "I want to get sick," the best option - "I want to be healthy."Thus it is better make a wish in the present tense and not in the future, not as a vague term, but as a fact.

desire should be as specific as possible.And think carefully about the consequences of their desires before they make plans;the phrase "be afraid of their desires, and sometimes they come true" was not invented from scratch.Winning one, you can greatly miscalculate the other.

Try not to make a wish, the execution of which could hurt someone, directly or indirectly.For example, do not need to make a wish, "I want to be with M." if he is married: a broken family - a high price for a dream come true, and this desire can easily come back to haunt you later.

Finally, your wishes for the New Year should be sincere and come from the heart.Guessing is not what they want from you and close relatives, and what do you want for yourself;performance does not ask foreign desires and their own.And guessing is not "just" and ask what you need to do that will make your life better.

And be sure to thank the universe (God, Santa Claus ... you know better who fulfills your wishes) for what has already been accomplished.And if any of your desires do not want to run hard not to think of them every year.Maybe it's not what you need, but getting stuck in the unfulfilled desire, you stop yourself from moving forward.

All New desires must be positive and creative character.And then they will certainly come true, and bring you happiness.

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