Brunette with blue eyes: Makeup Secrets

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Some girls hardly need to be painted.Their appearance is so bright and modern cosmetics that can be used occasionally, slightly emphasizing certain dignity.The rest of the female can use make-up and in daily life.It does not need much lipstick, eye.So it is possible to harm the appearance and did not make it attractive and challenging.There are certain rules applying makeup.Basically, it depends on the color of the skin, eyes, hair.

our attention

Forgive us pretty blonde, as it will be about brunettes.Dark-haired and brown-eyed beauties can be seen quite often.But the brunette with blue or gray eyes are much less common.The combination of dark hair and bright eyes attract people's attention as much as the presence of black eye blondes.

rules for a good makeup

To make a perfect make-up, dark-haired girl must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • right to choose foundation.It depends on whether the perfect complexion.Too dark skin can be "leveled" shades of pink, slightly yellowish.These tones can mask pimples or bumps.In any case, the brunette with blue eyes (or gray) can safely choose a beige color.
  • Use blush.It is through these makeup looks finished.Dark-haired girls and women can choose rouge in pink and brown colors.But it is strictly forbidden to use shades of apricot and peach.
  • Lips can apply lipstick or gloss of any color.For example, a brunette with blue eyes may lipstick as a faint lipstick and bright saturated shine: burgundy, plum or red.Here you can safely experiment and pick up the lipstick, the most combined with the type of make-up (day or evening).

ladies with blue eyes is recommended!

Choose a shade that create a contrast to the color of the iris.For example: brown, black, gray, pink, silver, purple, gold and copper.Black eyeliner is better to use only for parties, when a girl wants to look extravagant and bright.For everyday life is better to use eye pencil dark browns or gray.

Those with dark skin

What else should emphasize the brunette with blue eyes?Makeup for owners of dark and light skin is a bit different.Darkie recommended:

  • not use dark rich colors on the eyes and lips at the same time.
  • If you need to do make-up in bright tones, you must select the contour eyebrows to emphasize cheekbones blush and cut around the eye contour pencil.
  • For daytime makeup lips preferably painted pastel colors.

Tips owners of light skin

What should know the brunette with blue eyes and fair skin?

  • tonal cream you need to choose beige or ivory colors.
  • better to stay at the shadows of gray, blue and brown.
  • lipstick is recommended in red and pink, not bright but muted.
  • eyeliner and mascara to select only brown.

little advice for last: brunette quietly can emphasize your eyes with the arrows.They will add their appearance of sophistication and mystery.