Tom Platz - bodybuilding legend

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His name is probably known to every modern bodybuilder.Many fans say that Tom Platz directly associated with powerful legs and bulging.After all, this muscle development no one has been able to achieve.Workout Tom compose the whole legends.Someone claims that he took banned drugs to achieve this effect, but someone said that this is due to a variety of operations.But all of this was achieved through a grueling workout.

Tom Platz: biography

Tom was born June 26, 1955 and raised in Oklahoma.Starting from childhood, he was actively engaged in sports.And where is bodybuilding.The parents were not against such a hobby and even encouraged it.For his birthday, his parents gave him a set of bodybuilder and a book with the methodology training.This gift has changed his life.

Every day he worked hard workouts, following the instructions, do not miss a single lesson and completely change your diet.At the time, his idol was famous athlete Dave Draper.Tom tried all over him like.

By a happy coincidence, Tom moved to California, where he was quite by accident have to live next to the house Draper.He was extremely happy when he discovered the famous hall where trained Dave.The long-awaited meeting with the athlete dispelled the remaining doubts about future career.After a while, Tom Platz acquainted with the legend of Bodybuilding - Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became his first coach.

Success Story In 1978, the first in the life of Tom's World Championship in bodybuilding.His victory in it is the first step towards a successful career.But in the life of a young athlete I have been disappointments.In 1979, the competition, "Mr. Olympia" he finished only eighth place.In the future, no matter how much he has made efforts in order to win in this competition, he pursued a failure.The best result - third place.In 1987, the athlete's career ends after his speech at the "Detroit Pro".

But despite this result, Tom is still a very popular athlete.His inflated legs and thighs are his trademark.Many athletes try to do anything to have the legs.But this fact has played a fatal mistake.In all competitions the judges scores are constantly reduced because of such proportions.Also, because these forms of athlete was sometimes difficult to find the right size pants.After all, at the time of this size in the stores simply did not exist.And very often he had to go in the studio, so he sewed pants for its size.Tom Platz anthropometric data are as follows: height - 173 cm, weight - 98 kg, the volume of the thigh (according to some sources) - 77 cm.

Some argue that such proportions Tom got from nature.But this opinion is erroneous.All this was achieved thanks to the will and persistent daily training.Not many would survive such loads, but Tom Platz wanted to achieve his goal.


After retiring Tom Platz tried his hand at cinema.He starred in many films, where he played the role of gangsters or detectives.Unfortunately, the role of the battered him only the second plan, but it did not bother bodybuilder.He did not need popularity, he simply enjoyed the process of filming.They later with his wife opened a fitness center, where they began to train future athletes.

future of bodybuilding

confess that did not leave a workout and still go to the gym.According to him, today the modern athletes engaged in bodybuilding solely for the sake of fame and money.At his age it was completely different.Engaged in the sport just because of love for him, not for the sake of countless riches.All the athletes were like a big and happy family.This is despite the fact that during the competition, they were competitors.