The dilute mascara?

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lover of beautiful cilia know that even a good mascara with time starts to dry.Prevent it does not.The dry ink badly lays down on the lashes, not paints over them and leave lumps.The dilute mascara, not to spoil it and do not harm your eyes?

Outset that dilution - a temporary measure.If no methods do not help, then clearly you need to buy a new mascara.This is the first.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the expiration date.If he came out - safely dispose of mascara.Perhaps it and can revive, but regret their eyes.

Third, we must distinguish between cases where the ink has dried and when finished.If the brush is dry, and free of flakes of mascara, then the tube is used.If the ink is definitely still there, but it is already difficult to use, you can try to return it to the desired consistency.

Before dilute mascara composition is worth reading.If you find there is paraffin, try a lower tube of mascara for a few minutes in a mug with hot water and then stir.

did not help?Well, we find out what breed mascara, she reached out to at least to buy a new one.

Eye Drops

Pipette some drops (means "Visine", "Oftagel", "Naphthyzinum") in a tube or brush.Eye drops, besides the fact that dilute ink, and even destroy germs accumulated in a tube.

Even better, apply similarly to a liquid for storage of contact lenses.Its structure is similar to the composition of tears, which excludes allergic reactions and irritation.


few drops of mineral, distilled or regular boiled water.In order not to add too much, it is better to drip on the brush and gradually dilute the ink.But this method has drawbacks.Water can cause irritation, so do not use it for breeding mascara if you periodically inflamed eyes.In addition, diluted so that ink will crumble.


is necessary to brew a strong tea, add a couple of spoons of sugar, stir, drip a few drops in a tube and drop a few seconds a bottle of ink in a glass of tea.

Vegetable oil

In no case do not take the usual sunflower!Ink is smearing.We are interested in jojoba, burdock, almond and peach.Just a bit.If adding more, the effect is like from sunflower oil.

liquid eye makeup remover

desirable that the facility was the same company as the ink.However, your fluid make-up remover should not contain alcohol!

We have described the safest ways to dilute the dried mascara.But it is equally important to know how to dilute mascara, you should not!It:

  1. Alcohol-based formulations (lotions, colognes, perfumes, vodka and so on. D.).
  2. saliva.Forget about the fact that once there was solid ink, which is diluted with a conventional spitting.Saliva contains a large number of bacteria and other microorganisms.
  3. ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.Burn the eyelids or the eye for beautiful eyelashes?It is unlikely that someone will agree to such an exchange.

So now you know what to dilute mascara when she began to dry up.But once again recall that the methods are temporary, and any of them can cause unpredictable reactions.Be careful and take care of the health of their eyes!Do not sacrifice them for the sake of imaginary beauty.Use these methods in extreme cases, but at the first opportunity just buy a new good mascara.