Celebrate New Year's Eve alone

New Year tradition is to take place in the family or with close relatives, good friends or colleagues at work, in a word in the noisy company or loved ones in an intimate setting.It turns out that the only holiday we position with a large or a large company.And who says you can not meet one?

Why so many scares, and someone finds it abnormal?

Sometimes the circumstances are not in our favor, and you're forced to spend New Year's Eve alone.But this is absolutely not a tragedy and even more can not be a pretext for disorder and depression.Also, stay on New Year's even one nice and this has its advantages.

Remember that it depends on you how you will meet your holiday. If you tune in to positive emotions, while meeting the new year alone will give you joy and pleasure.Understand finally that in your life no one is obliged to amuse you, to delight and entertain.If you want a holiday - do it yourself!

And the first thing you should do - to tune to the fact that this is the New Year's Eve will be for you a special and unique.And now we start all this trouble to meet the new year.

Create a Christmas atmosphere in the house. To do this you need tree, Christmas decorations and garlands.And this year you have the right to decorate your home, as you wish, ieyou should not be afraid that your guests do not like it, as you celebrate the New Year themselves.So you can safely decorate the Christmas tree tinsel, not only, but also palm or ficus, the main thing that looking at the creativity you had fun.

Christmas menu. Finally, you do not have to write the whole New Year's menu and run to the shops in search of something special to surprise guests.You can prepare your favorite dishes, warm or semi-finished products to order a pizza at home (or food from the restaurant).And you do not have to worry that someone will be hungry or unhappy according dinner.Since absorb all these delicacies you will do.

And now you will be able to "indulge" themselves expensive champagne or wine and drink a whole bottle with pleasure and without a reproachful look relatives.And most importantly you drink what you want, not what you offer, and you have to try it, so as not to offend no one.As a result, abdominal ruff, head fog.

As a result, you will save your time, money and get a lot of other advantages. Firstly, you are not overeating or eating of danger, and the other is not always pleasant effects of the New Year's feast.You can overeat sweet all night, then the course of the overweight have to work.Or vice versa, you can cook only vegetarian food and enjoy eating them.

Yes, and table setting there is no need to get too excited and carefully not to break your favorite service.Where convenient, there and celebrate, and as you are comfortable, even while lying on the floor.On January 1, you can get a good sleep and a good mood.After all, you do not have to clear the table, wash up the mountain of dishes, collect empty bottles, take out the garbage on the street, to scour the stains of unknown origin with a cloth or carpet.Is not it a thrill!

And most importantly, do not forget to dress up. time for this will be enough.Yes, and I do not have to puzzle over the question "What to Wear?", The main thing that you yourself liked this.And in the beauty salon does not have to be written in a week to hit someone their hair.

you have time to think that all this will be boring?Nonsense! can always find something to entertain, even being far away from civilization, the main desire.Is it common to all the standard scenario: New Year's feast, a blue light on the TV and a walk to the Christmas tree in the park - not boring?Unlike all, that you have the opportunity to New Year's Eve to do what you want it.

And no one will remind you, scream or indicate that it is necessary to do so or so. you can instead of "Twist of Fate" to see cool action movie, or spend the night at a laptop and chat with friends on Skype.You just turn on the music that you like, and no matter what it is - a rock, pop or classical.You can read a book, warm socks tie or make something with their own hands.And why not do it all in the New Year's Eve?

In addition, you can go to bed when you feel that you want it, and you will not need to wait until the last guest leaves, and fall asleep all households.

Basically it is the same night, like all the others, the Christmas we do it ourselves.Even if for some reason you wake chiming clock, do not worry, you still come the New Year.But you will find January 1, slept, being alert and with the absence of headaches, in contrast to the majority of Russians.

So, if you meet the new year in splendid isolation, you have the following. Save - money, nerves and energy.To fulfill their own desires - to do just what you want.Hence, a good mood.On the first day of this year - no headaches associated with after the festive fuss regarding the cleaning of the apartment and the availability of well-being.Not for nothing do they say - how to celebrate New Year, so spend it!

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