How to get rid of acne scars?

Pimples and acne - a very unpleasant phenomenon, which can poison the life of anyone.To deal with them is possible and necessary.However, it should be done properly, so you do not, the question arises, how to get rid of acne scars.Remember that these markings can "decorate" your face once and for all.

How are scars

Even the smallest pimple able to leave a trail if it was removed improperly.Almost all the girls from time to time remove the inflammation independently.This can be done, but with extreme caution.When inept handling can damage the skin, the infection to be entered.As a result, increase the radius of inflammation, possibly it goes into the deeper skin layers.After that will certainly mark on the face, and you will have to think about how to get rid of acne scars.

Other causes scarring may include the following: metabolic disorder, the individual characteristics of the organism, genetic predisposition, mature age.These cases are rare, but can not eliminate them completely.

How to get rid of acne scars

First we need to establish the right and regular skin care.That way you prevent further inflammation.Be sure to wash yourself in the morning and evening.Use an appropriate toner and moisturizer.In order to remove the scars on his face after acne, it is necessary to use a mask.Do they need to be two times per day.


1. Speed ​​up the regeneration and, consequently, the restoration of the skin helps mask of milk, cucumber and tomato juice.All ingredients must be taken in equal amounts.

2. Lemon juice diluted vinegar (80 grams of water 20 grams of vinegar) helps discolored scars and make them less noticeable.

3. Mix the egg white with honey and Hercules flakes.You can add a drop of almond oil.You get an amazing ointment for resorption of scarring.It is applied directly to the problem areas, and works very fast.

4. Nutmeg mixed with honey in the ratio of 2: 8, gives excellent results.It should be rubbed into the scar every day.

Miracle means

If you still do not know how to get rid of acne scars, try a fresh-water sponge.This natural remedy has saved many.Bodyaga sold in powder or cream.The original is better to use a cream, there is less concentration of the substance.Apply it as a mask.You can massage the skin a little.Soon, you will feel a tingling sensation on the face and a slight burning sensation.This means that the mask can be washed off.For the first time the risk is not worth it, because you can burn the skin.Gradually, the exposure time can be increased.Remember that a person may be red (it all depends on skin type).It is not necessary to be afraid, you will quickly return to its normal appearance.

Those who are of the cream is not enough, you can suggest the powder.It should be diluted with plain water or added as a basis for any mask.Remember that it must be very carefully washed off.A few days will see the effect.The skin starts to be updated, but the scars will dissolve.To conduct such procedures are best in winter and autumn.