God Hermes: interesting facts

God Hermes in Greek mythology, is considered to be the messenger of the gods.It is called the patron saint of travelers and guide souls of the dead.Father Hermes - Zeus and his mother - a lovely mountain nymph Maia.Depicting Hermes is usually in the form of a young man who in the hat (hats bent at the edges), in gold sandals (winged sandals) and Golden Rod (Rod is a magical, this is a gift of Apollo, it is decorated with two snakes).

believed that the divine will is more often expressed his dream, so Hermes with his magic wand sends prophetic dreams to people.

God Hermes - an intermediary between the world of the dead and the living world.It has the resourcefulness and agility, as well as a gift to open quietly any bonds.These qualities allow Hermes to be the patron of thieves and rogues, for good reason cunning Moses was his grandson.

In addition, it is believed that Hermes invented a very interesting musical instrument - a lyre.He was a joker, humorist, who loved practical jokes.It was he who stole the scepter of a joke from Zeus, golden arrows with a bow at the Apollo and Poseidon's trident.It is worth noting that he used them only when it came to something noble.Hermes will surpass any of tricks, cunning and ingenuity, not for nothing that he is considered the patron saint of his just thieves and cheats.

As for the people, they appreciate Hermes because he presented them with weights and measures, which were invented by the centaur Chiron.I gave them the alphabet and numbers as well as literate.Hermes was honored as the patron saint of young athletes.

In honor of him, even to build a stadium, which were intended for various competitions of athletes, as well as schools that do gymnastics.These schools were decorated with statues of Hermes.

interesting myth about how thanks to Hermes took the love of Zeus and Io.Io was a lover of Zeus.The fact is that Zeus was very afraid of the wrath of Hera, so turned Io into a white heifer, but Hera guessed his cunning plan and asked the bitch his gift.She put to guard Io giant Argos, his body was covered with eyes, and both slept only two eyes, respectively, he watched constantly.So god Hermes was able to outwit Argos and kill him, thereby freeing Io.Liberated woman wandered through Egypt, Asia, Greece, it pursued a gadfly who cast a Hera.Only Io in Egypt could return to his appearance, she gave birth to a son Epaphus, who later became the founder of a plurality of characters, such as Amfitron, Perseus, Heracles, and others.When Io wandered and came to the Caucasus, where she met Prometheus, who predicted a great future that awaits the children of Zeus and Io.

Hermes - the god of what?During the so-called classical mythology role it is meant otherwise.He becomes the patron of not thieves and heroes.Hermes gives Perseus a sword with which he kills Medusa.Hermes Odysseus reveals the secret magic herb, with its help he escaped from the spell of Circe.He guards while wandering heroes.

God Hermes was in honor and memory of the dead on the holiday and the awakening of spring, this festival called Anthesteria.In gratitude, Zeus gave him a constellation called Lyra.Hermes - the god in Roman mythology corresponds to the god Mercury, is the patron of trade and various crafts.