What is swag

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In recent years among young people has become quite popular new word - "sveg."What is swag, difficult to define precisely.The exact translation of the word has not.The youth culture it stands for something cool, super-duper.The word is close to all the well-known «cool», but «swag» carries the elements of glamor, luxury caller.The term gained popularity due to the hip-hop group «Odd Future», but was used in a speech to them, and rappers.In general, if a friend of a teenager will tell you that you - sveg, rejoice, he recognized your coolness and credibility.

sveg Where found?

Sveg sneaks in virtually all spheres of life.This style of music, the direction of the dance, the way to dress, and in general style of behavior and life in general.

What is swag music?In the West, this style is inseparable from the culture of R'n'B.Almost all successful rappers consider their composition svegom.Often you can see on the Internet a video in which the girls are actively causing dresses twirl and shake priests under reperskuyu music.It is considered sveg-dance.Correct the name - Booty Danse, meaning "dance booty."This style of dance came from Africa, but, in fact, the origin of rap - music black.Music and Dance sveg - a way of self-expression of people, not cramped complexes and want to stand out from the crowd in every way.

What is swag clothing?

How outwardly match the style sveg?First, you need to choose bright clothing, even acid colors.The more she cried, the better.Girls-sveg wear leggings with leopard print short ragged shorts, T-shirts with different slogans.Generally, swag style provides for the things in the wardrobe of Hip Hop: wide trousers, caps, T-shirts and sweatshirts dimensionless.Shoes - bright sneakers, sneakers.Girls wear shoes on a high platform and huge heels.Required attribute style - tattoos and piercings in all possible places.

order to comply with the concept of sveg, women should have a pleasant and impressive roundness.Plump lips, eye-catching male breast (or its own "Silicon Valley"), defiantly sticking ass.Slender blonde languid asthenic type - this is not sveg.Speaking of hair color ... Do you think that such a swag-hairstyle?The ideal would be pink, green or blue hair, also would be appropriate to look cropped shaved head.

should also talk about accessories.There are almost more important than the clothes.What is swag?Well, of course it shine, glamor, showy luxury.Clothing should be all completely studded with rhinestones, studs, gold or jewelry.Generally, the more metal on clothes and footwear, so you cooler.Jewelry should be catchy.For example, the extremely heavy chain of gold on sheё from rapper - it's super-sveg.

So, if you want to fully comply with the concept of sveg, you should look appropriately.And about reperskoy listening to music and can not speak.What is swag in general and who needs it?Most likely, this style attracts people who are tired of the gray everyday life, wanting to get rid of complexes, stand out and engage in certain youth group formed on the principles of proximity flavors, concepts and values ​​of life.