How to learn to make access to the two arms

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Before you learn how to make access to the two hands, you have to work.This exercise involves several steps that should be carried out together.First comes pulling up and then, actually, push or output.Also pay attention to the fact that for the present a difficult exercise you have to catch up at least ten times to his chest.So, first you have to catch up.If you generally can not catch up even once, start training with pushups.

When you can catch up at least ten times, you can begin to learn to make access to the single.To do this you need to throw his hand on the bar, a little string up and come into focus.Before you learn how to make access to the two hands, you should be able to carry out this exercise on the right and on the left arm.In addition to output one, you have to be trained in pulling up the chest.

Technology Released on two hands

So, to master this technique, you must learn to fulfill all its components.Firstly, it's lead-in exercise and then - the output power of a narrow horizontal bar without interception hands.There is a third part - the output power of the walls, but not in this case.To start doing preparatory exercises, analyze their characteristics, exits on planes and go to classes on the bar.

bringing exercises

This part of the exercise involves pulling up the chest (at least ten times), push-ups on the bar and slow reverse output power.This is a mandatory exercise, and you should know how to learn.The yield on the two hands can not perform, unable to catch up.

The output power on a narrow rung

In this exercise, it is important not to lay down arms, since this provision slows.How is it performed?Output power, sharp jolt slightly back and up, then strong push hands.Maybe once you do not get your hands on not to go, but it is, in principle, it is not particularly important in the initial stage of training.Do as it's easier and more convenient, the main thing - is to figure out how to learn to make access to the two arms.Output power in restricted faces - a very useful exercise that will help you master the technique of execution.

Tips for proper implementation of the output into two hands

Exercise "access to two hands" is a force, but still primarily - tightening.Therefore, it should first be trained in the implementation of the standard push-ups on the bar.This bench is important to lower the body as low as possible, striving to reach the highest point tightening.

Try to combine the press and pull-ups.We need to catch up at a fast pace to you as if emitted into the position of the bench.You can also help yourself down, doing pull-ups at a small swing.But do not overdo it with these movements, since instead of entering the two arms can turn out completely different exercise.

Also worth noting is that the output power is easier to perform, when the legs are a little ahead of the level of the crossbar.If you train with choppy, with moves and so on, then over time you will go to a smooth transition.Since

learn to make access to the two hands?You must remember that ideally movements should be slow, with no sudden jerks: pulled - mode - Press.Solid and sure - no unnecessary movements!