When blooming snowdrops nature wakes up

Although the field is still covered with snow envelopes, spring is still clearly imposes its law.And in order to establish themselves in their power, the first to light it produces white flowers - snowdrops.With unique resistance harbingers of spring make their way through the snow and hard to reach for the sun.Though seemingly they are fragile and delicate, but their perseverance and an overwhelming desire to live the envy of any plant.At a time when the snowdrops are blooming, all nature comes to life after the long winter days: the snow melts, murmuring streams, rings under the windows drops.

Where grow snowdrops

You can not clearly answer the question of where the snowdrops bloom.The geographical range of their habitat is large enough: they grow in Asia Minor, Central and Southern Europe, but the greater the number of colors inhabit the mountain valleys of the Caucasus.Anyone who has been in these lands at the time when the snowdrops bloom probably noticed how the appearance of these fragile white inflorescences nature comes alive.But in spite of its beauty and resistance to climatic extremes of temperature, they are quite picky and prefer open sunny clearings - places where you can safely grow.The duration of flowering of just two or three decades, depending on the climatic conditions.

How to determine the vegetation period

In nature, there are more than 12 species of Galanthus (snowdrop), and half of them listed in the Red Book.At the time when flowering snowdrops can determine their growing period, which depends upon the location and climatic conditions.If you cut an onion flower along, you can see the time of his life.The section shows that it consists of a number of previous years of life scales.Every year there are 3 scales, one of which increases from the bottom sheet, and the other two - the base of assimilating leaflets.From each bulb neck 3 out leaflets with pointed tips.

Like snowdrops multiply

Let us see not only how blooming snowdrops, but as they multiply.The snow-white flower size of about 20 cm, with a subtle, barely perceptible pleasant odor appears on the surface of the earth at the same time with two linear green leaves, have their individual surface.In some she keeled, others - smooth, at the third - fold.For reproduction in Galanthus are rounded fleshy fruit in the form of boxes, divided into sections, each of which stores a few small black seeds.At the end of flowering ripe box opens from the bottom, and all the seeds fall to the ground.And then the ants spread them on different points of the earth.At the end of the term that the blooming snowdrops, re-stocking of the bulbs with nutrients.And white spring flowers gain strength for the growth of the new season.

Why do they bloom early

Now let's find out why early snowdrops in bloom?They appear in the white light before other plants, because the bulbs are classified, which are usually first grow themselves, and then displays the grass around them.Due to the appearance of flower arrows from the root they do not need to spend time and energy on a single occurrence of a flower.Bookmark it occurs even in summer, so snowdrops live very little and quickly go to sleep until the next regular flowering.