How to cook cabbage in brine: several recipes

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Oh, this crunchy cabbage!Perhaps the best appetizer on the holiday table, and even with the pickles, and does not happen!Options for getting food a lot - it is marinated, kvass and mixed with the other vegetables.For a quick getting juicy product often prepares cabbage in brine.This article provides some quick and delicious snack recipes available.Different cabbage pickling may be carried out in brine.The composition of the marinade depends taste and aroma of the preform.

Acute cabbage in brine

Prepare a marinade of 5 liters of cold water and a simple ordinary glass full of salt.Boil the liquid and wait until it cools almost complete.5 kg of fresh juicy Chinese cabbage lay in the large container and pour brine for 3 days for fermentation.After that, remove the plug, let them drain and peremazhte all the leaves with a mixture of minced 0.5 kg of peeled garlic and 350 g of fresh peppers acute.Flavored cabbage for 2 days put under the yoke.Store the finished cabbage in the refrigerator.

Recipe Quick preservation "Spicy cabbage in brine with vinegar»

Two medium-sized head of cabbage (about 2 kg) finely chop sticks.To add weight 4 grated carrots, 1-2 heads of garlic crushed.All stir and place in the pan (you can in a jar).Boil 1 liter of water from 5-6 peas of black pepper, 3 pcs.leafs, 150 g of sugar and 70-80 g of salt.The hot liquid pour ¼ cup vinegar and ½ cup of any vegetable oil.Just fill the pan with marinade and leave to cool at room temperature.After about 3-4 hours in the refrigerator, place the snack.You can take a sample!

Cauliflower in brine Korean

Take one average head and disassemble into florets.Mix one large grated carrots, 3-4 pieces.peeled and crushed garlic cloves with 2 dessert spoons full of very spicy Korean condiment.Prepare a marinade of 1 liter of cold plain water, 1 cup sugar faceted, incomplete cup of weak solution of vinegar (5-6%), 2 tbsp.l.salt, ¼ cup portion crude "fragrant" sunflower oil, all components boiling for 2-3 minutes.Pour hot liquid into a saucepan laid cauliflower and leave for a day, unable to endure the cold.

« Honey" cabbage in brine with spices

To prepare the marinade, dissolve in 1 liter of raw water 2 very full article.l.salt and 2 full ten.l.sugar Boil the mixture.After complete cooling, dissolve it in 1 tbsp.l.thick honey.A large head of cabbage ordinary dice, two medium carrots coarsely grate on "Korean" device.The mass of mix and tamp in banks, pouring a little bay leaf, pepper and cloves.Cold pour the marinade into the banks to ensure that products are well soaked.In a few days the banks leave at room temperature, periodically piercing cabbage long knife for a better gas outlet.Cooked cabbage again tamp and store in a cool place, closed with plastic lids.