Branch Warren: Biography Kvadrozavra

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All lovers of the iron sport certainly know this name as the Branch Warren.This is a real man, who seemed carved from granite.His stature envy of many professionals.

Branch (real name William) was born in February 1975 in Texas.He is now a professional bodybuilder in the federation IFBB.From our colleagues athlete got the nickname "Kvadrozavr."We think everyone understands why.

Early Years

Since childhood, Branch Warren loved football.This is not surprising, because his father was a famous football player.Therefore, up to 14 years, the future bodybuilder fond of football.But over time, the passion for football began to displace love to iron.One day, the boy saw in a magazine photos Fitness Arnold Schwarzenegger - and was finished with football.Brunch passionately wanted to be like the legendary bodybuilder.

Start training

In 15 years, Branch Warren, moved with his family to Dallas.In this city realize the dream of the boy was much easier.But studies bodybuilding demanded money, but they were not found Warren.But that did not stop the future celebrity.Boy resorted to trickery.He turned to a friend, who had no financial problems.When he came into the hall, then he walked to the black door and admitted Branch.

Soon, one of the visitors noticed the room properly exercising children and taught them the basics of bodybuilding, and then went with them to the legendary Hall "Metrofleks."There's Branch began to progress rapidly.The reason was mentored Ronnie Coleman.Fairly well-known fact - aspiring athlete under coach will overtake the development of other sportsmen training for 3-4 years without a mentor.

first victory

In 1992, Branch Warren, photos of which is attached to the article's first victory in the tournament, "Mr. America" ​​among teenagers.The young athlete was just 17 years old.A year later, Warren won the National Championship.This victory is particularly notable for the fact that when he walked Jay Cutler.Although, of course, Jay gained recognition and popularity in the bodybuilding sooner Branch.Warren was able to overtake him, because the hero of this article combined while bodybuilding with their studies at the university.And very often bodybuilding fades into the background.


Kvadrozavr returned to the podium in 1999 and took fourth place in the National Championship among juniors.In 2000, he was already competing with older, "Builder" and took third place, and in 2001 Warren moved to professional bodybuilding.

«Night of Champions" - the so-called first professional tournament athlete.In 2004, he took eighth place there.The same thing took place brunch and "Olympia", which is very good for the first time.Participation in the 2006 Arnold Classic competitor earned silver.


Branch Warren now lives in the town of Keller (Texas), and continues to act as a world-class tournament, ranking it the prizes.He is married to Trish Warren, professional fitnesistke.In addition to sports, the pair engaged in the family business.They have a successful company for freight.So the name of the Branch Warren is known not only for professional bodybuilders, but the American logistics specialists.