Chemistry of life

Before you cover it, it is impossible not to recall the words of one of the heroes of the novel by Kurt Vonnegut "Cat's Cradle": "What are the scientists may work, they still get a weapon."

value of chemistry in human life is very difficult to overestimate, because these processes are all around us: from elementary cooking and finishing with biological processes in the body.Achievements in the field of knowledge and bring great damage to mankind (the creation of weapons of mass destruction), and gave salvation from death (the development of drugs against diseases, growing artificial organs, etc.).Is indifferent to this science is impossible: so many contradictory discoveries did not occur in any other area of ​​expertise.

role of chemistry in human life: life

This area is not possible without chemical processes, for example, few people think that ignites a match that performs this complex chemical process.Or, for example, personal hygiene is also accompanied by chemical reactions when a person uses the soap, which foams in contact with water.The same wash using powders, conditioners for softening the laundry accompanied by such reactions.

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When a person is drinking tea with lemon, you notice that the color of the drink is weakened, if you add the fruit in boiling water, and it is unlikely many perceived in this case as an acid tea light, like litmus.The same reaction we can see if the blue cabbage sprinkle vinegar solution: it thus becomes pink.

When people make repairs and kneaded cement, fired brick, lime quenched with water, then there is a complex chemical process, which in everyday life we ​​do not think, but without them there would cost a single person.

Chemistry of life: medicine

In medicine, there are many examples of the most complex chemical reactions used intentionally.With mixing substances derived medicines, and they react with the cells of the organism, leads to recovery.

However, as the chemicals can play a constructive role in medicine and destructive, because are not only drugs but also poisons - toxins harmful to human health.

There are some types of toxic substances:

  • harmful;
  • annoying;
  • aggressive;
  • carcinogenic.

Chemistry of life: biological aspects of life

Chemistry - part of our lives, and without certain processes that occur on Earth before life began, of course, we would not have.Digestion of food, breathing humans and animals is based on chemical reactions.The same process of photosynthesis, without which people can not live, too, is accompanied by chemical processes.

Some scholars believe that the origin of life on our planet occurs in a medium consisting of carbon dioxide, ammonia, water and methane, and the first body gets energy for life, expanding the molecule without oxidation.This is the simplest chemical reactions that accompany the birth of life on Earth.

Chemistry in human life: the production

knowledge of such processes are widely used in the industry, based on these new technologies are developed.

Even in ancient times were common crafts, which were based on chemical processes: for example, the creation of ceramics, metal processing, the use of natural dyes.

Today, petrochemical and chemical industry - one of the most important sectors of the economy, and it is said that the chemical processes and knowledge of them play an important role in society.Only humanity depends on how to use them - for constructive or destructive purposes, as among a variety of chemicals can be found harmful to humans (explosive, oxidizing, flammable, etc.).

Thus, the chemistry of life - this is a panacea for diseases and weapons, and the economy, and cooking, and, of course, life itself.