Quietest Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov.

Russian tsar "quietest" call back in the XVI century."Quietest" (later replaced by the "gracious") - an honorary title, which was called the ruler of the Kremlin during the prayers and toasts in his honor.However, in the history of the quietest of all Russian monarchs was only Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, the second representative of the Romanov dynasty on the Russian throne.He was loved by the people, religious, kind, judicious and well educated for their time.It would seem that the board "quietest" different sovereign was calm, measured and well-being.However, in the years of his reign (1645 - 1676) there was a lot of popular unrest in the country and military conflicts with neighboring states.

life story of Russian monarch named Alexis Romanov - Biography significant personality who made a significant contribution to the history and culture of the Russian state.

son of the Emperor Mikhail Fedorovich was born on March 19, 1629 As usual, up to 5 years of a boy Nurse care and nanny, and later engaged in the education of the future king Boyar Boris Morozov.After joining his pupil to the throne of Boris Morozov actually ruled the country, which led to the Moscow uprising in 1648 - "Salt Riot."This rebellion was an event after which Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov began to decide major policy questions.In the later period of his rule, the autocrat sometimes let his approximate substantially affect the affairs of state, but only until such time as they pursued a policy that meets their interests.In an era when the rules Alexis Romanov, Russian state system of the kingdom acquired traits of absolutism.Code legislation - Conciliar The Code, adopted in 1649, finally secured the farmers and at the same time, expand the rights of the nobility and the merchant class.Church reform of Patriarch Nikon resulted in a split in the Moscow Church (appeared "Old Believers") and bitter church-religious struggle.

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important foreign policy event was the conclusion of the contract Perejaslavskogo 1654 and the union territory of Ukraine to the Russian kingdom.Alexis Romanov led war with Poland.Failure ended the war with Sweden (1656-58) for the Baltic Sea.During the 70-ies of the XVII century, the war did not cease with the Crimea and Turkey.Dissatisfaction with the deteriorating situation of the population due to the constant hostilities led to brutally suppressed riots and uprisings (1648 and 1662 in Moscow in 1650 in Novgorod and Pskov, 1670 - 1671 years under the leadership of Stepan Razin in the Don, the Volga region and the southMoscow state).

quietest By order of the king, who ruled in the "buntashny" century, carried out reforms in the army and monetary reform.During his reign, was built the first military ship, accomplished "the action comedy" (theater), in various spheres of life permeated the European culture, and in the traditional Russian culture appeared secular literature and secular painting.

Alexis Romanov died on January 29, 1676, blessed the king's son Fedor.