How to determine pregnancy in the early days, not going to the doctor

How to determine pregnancy in the first few days, if the fetus is still quite tiny, and even doctors can not say for sure about your condition.The first signs of pregnancy occur before the delay cycle.It often happens that after seeing two strips on the test, a woman thinks, "I knew it, felt the pregnancy."Typically, the test is a confirmation of intuitive guesses.

first days of pregnancy

How to determine pregnancy in the early days?What are the symptoms associated with pregnancy, and not on the possible diseases?The most basic feature - breast tenderness.It is not yet a firm and did not start to be poured, but its sensitivity is increased.Increased body temperature and a slight fever can also indicate pregnancy.Sudden fatigue and drowsiness are either the onset of disease, or for the coming joys of motherhood.

main signs

only if all signs define the symptoms of early pregnancy.What can alert?

- frequent desires in a toilet on small need (occurring as a result of the pressure of the uterus on the bladder).

- Morning sickness (most likely, this is the beginning of early toxicity).

- sharp change of taste preferences.

- Delay menstruation (the most obvious sign that indicates the ensuing pregnancy).

By taking note of the above symptoms and consultation with a doctor, preparing to become a mother.Why to clarify the diagnosis, seek medical advice?To gynecologist examined and placed on record.Pregnant women are subject to medical monitoring and periodic passage of the sampling procedures, blood and urine tests.

very rare signs

How to determine pregnancy in the early days when the feeling suggests that a glimmer of new life within, and these symptoms do not appear?There are other signs, which may determine whether or not to expect a child.Some of them are extremely rare.So popular ways to determine pregnancy:

- change eye color (they become darker, they receive secret);

- trace of the foot became deeper (checked on wet ground, where steps a woman);

- spotting early periods (in fact it is small allocation that will soon take place);

- all cold symptoms (malaise, fever, chills);

- a feeling of heaviness in the pelvic area (due to increased blood flow there);

- periodic tingling in the uterus;

- restless sleep;

- The increased salivation;

- pain not associated with the disease;

- migraine or headache;

- swelling of the hands (the delay is due to salts in the body by the action of progesterone);

- flatulence;

- reduced pressure, and heart palpitations;

- improved appetite and a sudden craving for products that you have not loved;

- the appearance of thrush (many women complain of itching and vaginal discharge).

How to determine pregnancy in the early days, without resorting to help from?First of all, buy a test at the pharmacy.Next, try to analyze which of the above symptoms you fit.Compare the features of the test results - and find out the answer.But do not worry, if the pregnancy did not take place: the main thing - to understand the reasons and not to worry, at other times must be lucky.