Cultural man - an endangered species?

What is a cultured man?The definition of this concept is quite abstract.Everyone whom ask, highlight the qualities that should be possessed a cultured man.But, perhaps, will come together on education, generosity, respect and education.

not presume to speak about Russia but about some regions know firsthand.Therefore I can judge the most of our vast country.Frankly, I'm not sure that the situation in Moscow and the so-called cultural capital of Russia is very different.

So where is the hidden man of culture today?Hard to say.And if he's still there?Look around.What do you see?

1. Children who from an early age accustomed to the tablet and the iPhone, but have never heard of Pushkin or Agnes Barto.The saddest thing is that many of their parents also did not know about them!

2. Young people who, instead of theaters and exhibitions goes to night clubs or even lost in the web of the Internet.Boys and girls live in a virtual life, not knowing that there is also real, and it is much more beautiful.

3. Adults.Here the picture is quite frightening.An endless race for money, success, career, etc.In our everyday life there is no time to stop and take the time to yourself, your family and the world.A weekend turned into gatherings in front of the TV with a bottle of beer (for men) or class household chores (for women).

So what does "man of culture"?

clear that it includes education, which, in turn, implies the knowledge and observance of the rules of etiquette.You often meet people like that?Yes, that really hide admit, even to yourself, you do follow the rules of etiquette?Of course, you know how to hold a knife and fork, give in (possibly) the elderly in transport.And if you always politely talk to people?

Cultural man of culture, always and everywhere.Even if his face will pour insults and derogatory words, he will find the strength to hold back and not respond in kind.Therefore, to become a man of culture, it is necessary, first of all, a lot of work on themselves.This also can be attributed to education.What kind of culture are we talking about if the person does not know the major events of history or can not distinguish the verb from the noun?

I'm not in any way do not want to blame anyone or insult.To be honest, I also can not consider himself a cultured man.Of course, parents are well taken care of my upbringing, education, too, in my life has always been one of the first places I like to go to the theater, read a book ("live" paper, not electronic), but in dealing with people, I confess, notalways correct.

I do not want to say banal things, but in my childhood people have been others.As if from another planet.Kind, cheerful, peaceful.There were no computers and mobile phones.But people have the soul and the real life, not virtual.Now it's hard to imagine how we lived without the Internet and mobile communications.But we lived something good!And a man of culture at that time was not such a rarity, as it is today.So what is it all the fault of - technological progress?There is reason to think.