What is the role of religion in modern society?

Religion has always played a significant role in the development of society.Attitude to it over the centuries changed as varied and religious concepts.And if before the existence of a supernatural power almost never been questioned, the role of religion in modern society is not so great.Moreover, it is now the subject of continual debate, discussion, and often - and convictions.

addition to the three world religions - Buddhism, Christianity and Islam - there are many other trends.Each of them is an essential source code of moral rules and values, in one way or another close certain people.In fact, religious norms - is nothing but a reflection of the prevailing views of a particular ethnic group.Therefore the role of religion in society has always been dogmatic and helps a person to deal with the temptations of the dark side of his soul.

importance of religion today can not be the same as it was, say, in the V-VI centuries.And all because of the existence of God, explaining the origin of man, of our planet, of life in general.But the role of religion in the modern world in this respect is insignificant, because the scientific evidence shows the inconsistency of theological views.However, even today, a high proportion of those who prefer to believe that life gave a Creator.

role of religion in modern society has a political basis.This is especially noticeable in the eastern countries where the Koran (as before and now) is the basis of all walks of life, from the spiritual and cultural to the economic and political.

influence of the church is not spared and education.In Russia, for several years (until - as an experiment) the subject "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture" is listed in the schedule of primary school.Some believe that it is a necessity, while others argue that such a subject is imposing unnecessary views.The share of those who refers to this as an opportunity to learn more about the culture of our country, unfortunately, is small.In any case, we can talk about how significant the role of religion in modern society, including education.

interesting that in the old days the church as an organization not subject to any third-party studies.Today, many scientists - mostly historians - are engaged in research and analysis of the value of religion at certain stages of development of society.As a subject of study, it allows you to predict, predict the further course of events, to assess the situation in the world.Different war and revolution, one reason for which is the Church, is a measure of how much the role of religion in modern society is characterized by its role in, say, the Middle Ages.

Today the authority of the church no longer has the same power.Throughout the world, held a protest against the actions of priests.There is a growing atheism: keeping healthy in every sense of lifestyle, people reject religion as a phenomenon that can make humanity better.However, for many the Church in a world full of war and hatred, is only a spiritual haven, and therefore a significant role of religion in modern society deny stupid.