Why burn the ears, and why do we need?

An interesting feature of the human body - "polyhanie ears" - has long attracted people's attention.True, but why burn your ears?No clear answer choices to this question, a lot of them.And some of them can be challenged.So, we should deal with this issue in more detail.

That is the first answer to the question of why a person's ears are burning.Auricles a person placed on the head - this fact is absolutely indisputable.The brain is richly supplied with blood, so that part of the body has a well-developed circulatory system.Scientists believe that the brain straining solve any complex problem, the person thus stimulates circulation.And like this man's ears begin to "burn."

This explanation is constructed logical connection between the cerebral circulation and ears definitely present.Not for nothing in order to bring to consciousness dead drunk, he actively rubbing the ears - to increase blood flow to the brain.But the bet here is something to.After all, if

unconditionally accept this answer to the question why a person's ears are burning, then during the exam, even writing the entire composition of the examinees would sit with a blood-red ears.However, some in the audience, even in dealing with extremely complex problems are the ears of normal color.Maybe these people just do not want to work with their brains or the task set for them has absolutely no difficulty?One last question remains unanswered.

Option second answer to the question about why burn the ears, also offer again the researchers and scientists.They argue that "blazing fire" start to the ears of most people when they experience strong emotions during oral answer on the exam, speaking to a large audience at a meeting with a loved one, relations with which are still in doubt in the secondthe highest of fear or shame.Can ears blush with pleasure, for example, when a person hears the words of the long-awaited declaration of love ...

At this point, some moms certainly express their outrage that statement.After all, their teenage son's ears are completely normal color, no matter how serious or parents scolded or shamed any overage would be naughty child.Or does it simply have no shame?

Well, this question is not on the ears and about education.Sometimes it happens that what adults think shameful, for a child - quite a common thing.But there is also such that the obstinate person growing up in silence "sets" between adults and bored with his consciousness psychological barrier.And that is why parental reproaches or tedious notation teachers did not reach the goal, just not getting into children's minds.

Another answer to the question about what the ears are burning, can be found among ordinary people who believe in omens.Ostensibly red ears indicate that this person someone "sight unseen" gossip or, again, for "eye," someone strongly criticized.Incidentally, this conventional wisdom, scientists also confirmed based on the fact that a person has the ability - to feel at a distance impulses and react to them.

And if it is to tie together the popular belief, explaining what your ears are burning, and a method for increasing blood circulation in the brain, it becomes clear sign of another student.After all, almost every student leaving the exam, warns the relatives and friends: "Well, gone!Let us not forget here to scold me well! ยป

But the true relationship is clear: the house student" scratched into all the blades, "this he start to burn the ears, blood abundantly flows to the brain, and he begins to think, think and think.And some are even helping to pass the exam successfully.Especially in the case when the term did not pass the audio lecture.Or at least he was present at most of them.