School of spiritual values ​​- that is romantic and romance

Alas, but the modern frantic pace of life, the struggle for survival and the search for work, the great breakthroughs of technical progress, the person loses a romantic attitude.It is more and more distant from nature, still less draws attention to the beauty of the world.And if you ask him what romance is hardly answer something intelligible.It becomes less and less capable of lyrical and dramatic emotional experiences.Pragmatism consciousness excludes the high ideals and dreams, dissatisfaction with the monotony and poverty of life.And do exploits today's young people are more willing to virtual reality than in the present.

By and large, the romance - it's a lifestyle.It is the ability to see in the stars are not "plevochki" and "pearls" in the beloved - "pure beauty", Madonna, and not the object bed comfort in human life - the great purpose and high sense rather than a staging post between the "have"and" it ".

That is romantic, you can learn from books and movies of poems and songs, works of sculpture and painting.The poetry of Pushkin, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, a famous Kuprinsky "Garnet Bracelet" and Servantovsky "Don Quixote", the heroes of Rodin's "The Kiss" and the Chagall painting "Above the City" and many other examples of true romanticism, alas, unjustly forgotten and almost put to the scraptime.But this is not fair!Our spiritual life is not a joke would be emasculated, devastated if we completely forget about what is romantic.

Romance and romance - concepts close.We can say that the romance - it is a romantic song, elegy, set to music.He is characterized by lyrical serenity and edgy drama, a high intensity light and delicate feelings of sadness, philosophical reflections on the transience of earthly existence and adoption of a passionate life.Romance Romance found a deep and sensitive expression not only in poetry, but also in music, giving us such touching things like "Do not go, stay with me ..." "I like that you're sick is not me ...", "The Nightingale" andetc.

It is considered the most romantic romance genre in music and singing art also because he has a special confessional sincerity, personal, confidential tone.And if we assume that the romance is emotional and spiritual experiences, aesthetic impulses, the human desire for beauty and harmony, then everything falls into place.

romance story is not quite common.His homeland - Spain.Sultry nights to the sound of cicadas at windows beautiful black-eyed senoritas sweet singing guitar strings and lovers troubadours sang in their honor their songs - Ballads.This genre has become extremely popular with romanoyazychnyh people, then got up to Russia.Whether mysterious Russian soul to explain what a romance!Strong passion, eternal longing for the ideal, falling in love with nature, ie,that is, in the romance, it was akin to a man and Russian.And so around the first quarter of the 19th century, this genre has taken a firm place in our song culture.And now, it is simply impossible to imagine that on TV or in private collections sounded "Foggy morning ...", "In the early days you would not wake ...", "You wake me at dawn ...".And if you remember how many singers are indebted to romance his popularity!Brigvadze, Besedin, Malinin and still many, many, many ...

Romance - multifaceted work.By genre nature he shares a love, a hussar, city, household, gypsy, philosophical.And the technique of execution - on the vocal and instrumental (song without words).The peculiarity of the latter lies in the fact that it takes the leading part ringtone - instead of the human voice.Rachmaninoff.Tchaikovsky, Glazunov created such works for the violin, the piano.Traditionally, the turns this romantic song with a guitar or a piano, the piano.

Romance brings to our lives as lacking romance, enriches it with bright experiences, attaches to the beauty of the high feelings, words, and music.