What is circumcision?

circumcision - not just a medical term.It is also a centuries-old tradition that dates back several thousand years ago.And today the removal of the foreskin in men - is an important event, a ritual for some people.So what is circumcision?This topic will be discussed in the article.

What is circumcision?A bit of history

circumcision or circumcision - it is quite an important ritual.The first written mention of such rites are 2300 BC.It dates back to the time of this painting on the wall of one of the ancient Egyptian tombs, which depicts the process.That same tradition adhered to the Phoenicians and some other nations.Here, a similar ritual meant joining a boy into adulthood, and testified that he is allowed to marry.

It's no secret that circumcision - an integral part of Jewish culture.After the biblical texts say very clearly that every man belonging to the "chosen people" to be circumcised.Uncircumcised considered infidels, does not deserve to go to God.

circumcision of Muslims - is also fairly old tradition.Here, the procedure is carried out for religious purposes.Thus, the man makes it clear that follows the ideals of personal hygiene and cleanliness, which at one time have been set by the Prophet himself.

By the way, this procedure is practiced among the Indian tribes in Central America.In addition, this tradition is widespread among African peoples.This ritual meant a rebirth from a boy into a man.Interestingly, some members of African tribes are severed foreskin with a small bag.

Over time, this practice has spread around Europe.But here it was not so much religious as medical grounds and carried out for reasons of hygiene.

What is circumcision, how and when to do it?

In fact, the timing of different in different cultures.For example, the ancient Egyptians circumcision performed by 14 year of life and the boy was a kind of recognition of his puberty.In Muslim nations are in the process boys aged 7 to 10 years, because it was then that child can pray on their own.While circumcision may be carried out at any other time.

And the Jews circumcision is carried out, as a rule, on the eighth day after birth.There are many reasons why it is necessary to wait 8 days.In any case, during which time the child and his mother enough to recover from childbirth.By the way, if the baby is too weak or ill, the ritual can be postponed.

Circumcision should be held during the day, and best of all - after the morning prayers.At the time, the ritual was performed only in the synagogue, but to date, the procedure can be performed at home, but in the presence of 13 adult Jewish men.It is worth noting that the day of circumcision - a real holiday, a great event for the whole family.

In any case, the procedure can be performed at any age, in which people take faith.

What circumcision is medically?

With regard to medical opinion at the expense of mass circumcisions for religious or social beliefs, they are very ambiguous.Some experts believe that this reduces the risk of penile cancer, or reduce the probability of catching a contagious venereal disease.In any case, during normal operation the body clipping is not necessary.

However, there are a number of diseases and disorders in the development of the reproductive system, during which circumcision is carried out for medical reasons and is an essential part of treatment.For example, a fairly common disease is considered phimosis, which is accompanied by a narrowing of the foreskin.Male circumcision is also part of the treatment of balanitis.