What xenon better?

If you decide to buy xenon for your car, and in this area do not understand, you have a choice difficult.What xenon better?It is difficult to answer this question in this case.But there are two choices: to trust the opinion and experience of the seller or try to understand beforehand the subject to anyone then do not blame.

How do I know what xenon better?First, you must find out what is generally a xenon, what types there are, how it differs from a halogen.If you do not go into the fine details, xenon glow comes with a special gas inside the bulb.Between the two electrodes jumps very high voltage, which is generated by a special power ignition, causing the lamp lights up.When current passes through a special thread that glows it, and there is the light of the lamp, which we see.After the ignition light, the voltage between the electrodes drops significantly.To supply the necessary 12V xenon


  • When selecting xenon should pay attention to manufacturers, some of which are better known, such as: SHO-ME, APP and MTF.Of course, in addition to the leaders in the consumer market and also a lot of little-known manufacturers, who may not have much inferior in quality.What xenon better?It is difficult to say definitely.However, all this should be borne in mind that the only proven companies give a guarantee up to a year for their goods.If the lamp needs to be replaced, the company can always buy a similar new one.Installing xenon own hands is available for each car owner in the presence of desire and time.In addition to xenon, the unit must be installed as ignition, which will talk on.
  • blocks ignition produced a very compact size.If space is very limited under the hood, then purchase the smallest size: slim and ultra slim.Each unit manufacturer puts a special mark indicating its kind, is the size.Some mounted xenon in reverse, so pay attention to the parameters is very important.The thickness of the lower instances is less than 1 cm. There is a wide selection of different generations blocks.To date, sales are more common units from the third to the fifth generation.The word "generation" means the type of electronics, which is formed from the block.Manufacturing companies are always trying to develop in this direction, so to describe their specifications - not an easy task.In fact, chasing novelties makes no sense.After each generation is able to provide the necessary work for the expected result.Why then spend more money if you can save.Me to work on the new unit only for its upgrade?
  • lamps is also very wide in its diversity.They are characterized by their luminosity and cap.What xenon better (in terms of these characteristics) is very difficult to tell.But the most popular - 4300, 5000 and 6000 Kelvin.Power affects the color of light, 4300 Kelvin - almost fluorescent light that illuminates the path well before the car (regardless of the weather conditions).The lamp in the 5000 K - white color, and at 6000 K - slightly bluish, which is bad lights in the rain and fog.
  • If you change the light bulb to spoil, then you must first select it on the cap, and then on the color preferences.Not to be mistaken with the size of the bulb, it is best to pull it out and bring to the store where you can pick up the same.