And what is a hurricane?

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Probably all of us have repeatedly heard that somewhere in this country or abroad swept strongest hurricane and brought a huge amount of trouble, breaking the power lines, uprooted century-old trees, snesya roofs off buildings and knocking advertisingshields.

But have you ever thought once about what such storms as they form and how much power have?

Let's try to understand together.

Section 1. What is a hurricane?General information

typhoon or hurricane - a strong wind, which is capable of long time blowing at a speed exceeding 32 m / s.

It is a vortex, whose characteristic feature is the low atmospheric pressure, observed inside - the so-called "kernel".

way, in practice, the hurricanes are called tropical cyclones, inherent mainly in South and North America.

believed that familiar to us the storm becomes a hurricane when wind speed exceeds 120 km / h.And with a strong typhoon, and she sometimes reaches 180 km / h.

It is impossible not to note the fact that the most powerful and destructive winds usually occur on the coast.They often do not just sweep away everything in its path, but also form a huge wave, raining down on the shore.

In principle, this type of rainfall produced exclusively in tropical latitudes, and only over the surface of the ocean.This automatically means that the deeper in the territory of the continent we are, the less our chances of becoming hostage to the elements.

is difficult to single out any one reason for the formation of a strong wind.Firstly, the difference in atmospheric pressure or temperature of the different layers of the atmosphere, and secondly, the strength of the planet's rotation also plays a significant role in what's happening.

However, it should be noted that no typhoon or hurricane are formed as long as the surface of the water is warm until at least 27 ° C

Section 2. What are hurricanes?The most destructive hurricane in US history
By the way, the United States hurricanes are usually given a purely female names.And this is done in alphabetical order, starting, of course, with the letter "A".Every year the situation is repeated, and so spending some time, inquisitive person can find out what kind of account hurricane hit the country in a given period of time.

In the history of one of the most destructive is widely regarded as "Katrina."According to a special Saffir-Simpson scale, the hurricane was awarded the highest category 5.The element was played at the end of August 2005.According to calculations carried out, naityazheleyshy damage was done to the US state of Louisiana and its capital is New Orleans.In practice, several hours under water found itself 80% of the city, killed almost 2,000 people and economic losses totaled 125 billion. Dollars.

Section 3. What are hurricanes?Can they be in our latitudes ?

Based on the determination, on the mainland hurricanes are rare.And there is, perhaps, not surprising sinceis formed on the surface of the ocean, this element is typically in most cases falls on the coast.

What we can observe, for example, in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, most likely called a "barrage" or "high winds", which to date hurricane, fortunately, far away.

more realistic it is for the coastal zone of the Black Sea.For example, the April storm in Crimea managed to bring trouble to both local residents and numerous leisure.The wind speed of 30 meters a second time to break trees, destroy fences Shevchenko Park in Yalta, rip and pokorezhit billboards.

Fortunately, there were no casualties.