And you know what butterflies eat?

In the thickets of weeds,
See what wonderful
Butterflies were born!

Matsuo Basho

Butterfly - one of the most magnificent creations of nature.Lightweight, beautiful, exciting and perfect in his perfect creation.They - like the messengers of spring, heralding a future bright, warm, sunny days.

Butterfly sang of the great poets of antiquity, admired for their beauty and perfection, is depicted in his paintings, the great masters of the brush, he worshiped the whole nations, considering them symbols of a pure soul.

There are more than 157,000 species of insects, received distribution in almost all corners of the globe, with the exception of Antarctica.

There are four stages of a butterfly - from egg to adult.Often it is the image of a butterfly, or rather its transformation, is used to describe the artistic and aesthetic perfection of human beauty of body and mind.

Butterflies - Insects favorite children.From childhood, each of us interested in the question: what butterflies eat?We could spend

hours watching these creatures, enjoying not only their bright color, but also the way they flutter over the flower or wash dew drops.Due to the popular cartoon about the life of insects, we knew exactly what butterflies eat - of course, flower nectar!

we become adults, we have a new interest, but, as before, continued to attract butterflies its perfection.With age, expanding the range of our knowledge, and therefore to the same question: "What butterflies eat?" We can answer not from the perspective of the child, and relying on a variety of encyclopedic knowledge.Thus, in the diet of these beauties, in addition to nectar, includes pollen, tree sap, honey and even overripe fruit - each species of butterflies their taste preferences.

consider than butterflies feed on the example of the most common in Russia representatives of the species cheshuychatokrylyh.

Hives - belongs to the family Nymphalidae, found everywhere, from Europe to Asia.Across its instances even high in the Himalayas and the Alps.This is one of the largest representatives of butterflies, occupants of central Russia - the scope of its wings up to 25 mm.It lays its eggs on nettles sheets of paper, hence its name: butterfly rash.The insect feeds, it is known - caterpillars eat leaves happy nettle, hemp and hops.

gonepteryx (GONEPTERYX RHAMNI) belongs to the family whiteflies.Thanks to its second title, we can determine what eats a butterfly-gonepteryx.It buckthorn olhovidnoy.Track gonepteryx buckthorn leaves are considered a real treat, and sometimes, though, it can be and leaves the other members of this family of plants - zhostera.These are the only plants that serve as food source for brood gonepteryx.

If you want to feed the butterflies - Prepare a weak solution of honey or offer them pieces of overripe bananas or apples.Then the insects will delight you with its flutter, becoming regular visitors.