What is RTS?

In the stock market, there are different codes.Among them - the MICEX, RTS, S & amp; P, Dow Jones, and others.This article is dedicated to one of the leading indicators of trading in securities in Russia, such as the RTS index.

indicator of the stock market

stock index is an indicator of the stock market.Thanks to him, you can view the mean value changes in stock prices.The necessity and importance of stock markets is the real assessment of the state and behavior of the sector of the financial market.

At this period of time to generate economies of developed countries the importance of the securities market is extremely increased.This forces pay due attention to the review and analysis of the state of the market, and apply special relative and absolute performance, including stock indices.

most popular indexes in Russia

Today there are a large number of both foreign and Russian indices.Historically, the most popular and widely used in the Russian Federation became the MICEX:

  • M - Moscow.
  • M - Interbank.
  • in - currency.
  • B - Exchange.

And RTS:

  • P - Russian.
  • T - trading.
  • C - system.

The two stock exchanges are the largest in Russia.They can trade in a variety of financial instruments: bonds, futures, stocks and more.

major exchanges

RTS - is an open joint stock company.Exchange organizes free trade in shares and financial derivatives market participants at a high technical level.Its main objectives are the development and further development of an economically successful concept on the prices of securities.Great attention is paid on the stock exchange extension of the Russian economy on a global level.It is one of the most important markets in Russia and is a serious competition to the leading domestic stock exchange - MICEX.

Open Joint Stock Company "RTS Stock Exchange" was founded in 2003.In 2006, it became the center of a group of Russian trading system based on the non-commercial partnership.

Exchange contains a number of specific areas for the purpose of trafficking in various types of securities: RTS Standart, RTS Classica, FORTS, T + O, RTS Global, RTS Start.

Detailed specification of the index

RTS - is one of the main indicators of trading in securities in the Russian Federation.It exists since 1995.Initially, it covered the payment of 100 points.To calculate the RTS index, you need to take as a basis the prices of 50 liquid shares of the most capitalized companies in the territory of Russia.In addition to well-known index, the RTS-2 there.It includes, as it were, the action of the "second tier".This is all kinds of industry and technical codes.

RTS Index shows in relative terms of total market capitalization of securities of certain companies from the number of issuers.

Index calculation is carried out on a regular basis, every 15 seconds, according to the results of trading on the stock exchange.This means that the value in real-time is constantly changing.

quarterly (four times a year) reviewed the index.Of the estimated one base stocks harvested by adding others.The proportion of any single action, which is part of its structure, can not be more than 15 percent.It must be said that the prices of shares included in the index under consideration, unlike the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, quoted in US dollars.

Thus, one of the leading and competitive stock exchanges in the Russian Federation is considered to be "Russian Trading System".RTS to some extent reflects the structure of the Russian economy.