What is Forex and how to make it

Forex today almost everyone's lips, and all heard about it, but not everyone knows exactly what it is.It is an acronym consisting of the Foreign Exchange Operations, which means "canned currency transactions."These operations constitute a large part of the entire finance market.The securities have an income of 300 billion. Dollars and Forex exceeds that figure tripled.In 1973 the country adopted the EC decision not stable exchange rate, and then formed and the type of the foreign exchange market, which we see now.

course the main drive on the market is the dollar, followed by the pound, the euro, the franc and the yen.Forex is not a market that appears to the first time he heard about it.It has no room for trade, because everything is done by phone or terminal.Work to make the market around the clock and throughout the week.At any time there is someone who wants to sell the currency, and should not miss this moment, so the market is running continuously.Details about earnings on forex read here: www.fxeuroclub.ru

Forex has one huge plus, as are the principle of margin trading.Customers are given a so-called shoulder, which by his own finances exceed 50 or even 100 times.This allows you to make transactions even held special customers.The operation of the market involved are quite different offices, companies and firms.Price then set based on the action of the major states.Factors affecting the development of the market are politics and economics.

Many deals are slightly negative and teydery may receive only about 40% of the profits.Therefore it is very important success.Many participants acting almost blindly and randomly selecting sources for bargains.N this market you can get rich only on condition that the number of trades is more than losing.But this turns out that the amount of the transaction is often needed to achieve the desired result.Before making any transaction, displays the planned profit, then balanced with the possible loss.Ratio in this case becomes 3: 1.Profit in any event be higher losses, even potential.

Almost all teydery establish a probability factor.For you, there should be the most important definition of profit and loss, as they must be multiplied by a factor of probability percent.Thus teyder can not only assess the possible profits, but also to translate all this into a percentage.