What was the name of Charlie Chaplin hat and what is its history?

course, all watching movies with one of the most brilliant comedians of all time.And its image is very closely associated with us with the appearance of his hero - a tramp and a gentleman at the same time - and especially with his headdress.But what was the name of Charlie Chaplin hat?Many people immediately recognize in it a pot - the symbol of Britain.This masterpiece of art created in the mid 19th century, two brothers by the name of Bowler: Thomas and William.They did it specifically at the request of rangers, hunters and foresters who needed a special headpiece.He did not have to fly from the head of the cylinder when it clung for branches.

When we think about how the called hat Charlie Chaplin, a great actor, and why it wore, we must not forget that it was made of durable felt.The elasticity and firmness it gave special treatment with a solution of mercury.When the first customer ordered checked headdress, he even got up on her feet, to ensure its durability.But what was the name of Charlie Chaplin hat originally?Cox - by the name of the original purchaser.And then it was called by the name of the company, which was engaged in mass production.This "Bowler (in English" pot ") and son."

hat this has become a favorite of headdresses bankers, then the military, who wore civilian clothes in the city.Until now, the etiquette of the royal guard officers of Her Majesty obliges them to wear a bowler.The very same type of hat that has become one of the signs of all the "truly English" - as the tea at five o'clock in the evening, the London umbrella and spleen.Even some dandies fluttered and went to the cylinders on the pots.Women, too fond of this piece - as a rider, and suffragette, fighters for the rights of the "second sex."

What was the name of Charlie Chaplin hat in other countries, where it has also become popular?In France and Germany - "melon" in the US - "derby."In America, a comfortable hat headdress became a favorite of different social strata - "villains" and sheriffs, millionaires and laborers.And in Bolivia, she came into vogue, women Native American tribes - the Quechua-Aymara, for example - do not go without it on the street.It is said that this hat "arrived" in the Latin American country in order to be worn by workers from Italy.But it turned out to be small size, and only came to Indian women.Since then, they wear bowler hats with pride.But in the African country of Nigeria these hats worn only by men - perhaps in memory of the British colonization.

Fashion this headdress was held to 60-ies of the last century.Then it became more ceremonial than daily.But the bowler does not give up!Chaplin's hat was even part of the uniform - British policewomen wear a modified version of it.Some firms - permanent members worldwide hits "haute couture", as, for example, Hermes - have made her one of the glamorous accessories.But analysts claim that the pot fits original and eccentric people.Original as Charlie Chaplin hat with a cane great actor have been sold for a lot of money on the Los Angeles-based auction in 2012.They were bought for 62 thousand dollars.